The red lights of my alarm clock singed the darkness of my room and told me it was 3:00am. I sighed to myself and switched on the bedside lamp, a moment of discomfort and confusion as lighflooded my surroundings.

I swung my legs off the bed and slipped out from under the covers. The bitter cold nibbled at me and left goose-bump marks. I sat down in my chair and leaned back. I had a massive headache and the sensation emitted from my eyes left me willing to scratch them out. I wish I could get some sleep.

I turned to face the desk and let my eyes skim over the titles of the books laying there. My school books. All ten of them. I am fifteen years old, I'm in third year and my Junior Certificate exam is at the end of the school year.

The nausiating thought seemed to hound me everyday of the week. If we are bold in class it is the first thing we are reminded of. If we try and have some fun or relax we are driven insane by guilt. Our minds telling us we should be studying. I wish Ireland would just get rid of the Junior Cert.

I let my hand drift over the plastic covering of the books. I picked one up and opened it. It's not like they are small books. This history book is 410 pages long. Three years worth of school work. We are expected to know every single page by heart for the exam. It's not natural. It's not healthy. It can't be!

Now that I've thought about it I can't help but wonder: what would replace the Junior Cert, if the government were to get rid of it? I already know the answer though. Another test. The education system is so uninspired that they cannot devise a more platable way to ensure the future work force is ready.

It's not just Ireland though. I wish the world would just give up on tests. Despite the various campaigns against labelling people due to colour, race, religion, job, residence, etc. the world seems content enough to lable students to a grade. They seem pretty happy to lable a student's potential and talent using their preformance on a test taken on one day of their lives. Its seems pretty Ok to them to give themselves a means of discriminating and limiting a person's chance in life to a grade.

I sighed and wished I could get some sleep.