"S.A.T., A.C.T., G.E.D., it's all the same!" Jophi screamed.

Her mother shot her a pointed look. "It is NOT the same! This is your future!"

"UGH!" Jophi screamed as she hastily grabbed her backpack and marched out the door.

"YOUR FUTURE!" her mom screamed one last time, before the door slammed shut.

Speeding down the sidewalk, Jophi moved in the direction of a little place called Hell; really it was called school. It was the first day of her senior year at a new school in a new city, with a new home. It was just her mom and her who moved because when her parents finally decided that, "Hey, maybe we're not so perfect together after all! And that 'Death do us part'? Boy do I feel it!" they separated, and so did Jophi and John, Jophi's brother.

No sooner did she arrive at school did she know that it was going to be another bad day. Scratching her head, she glanced at the huge property. Sighing, she held her bag tighter as she moved through the front doors and into the main hall.

And as expected, all eyes were on her. Perhaps it was because she was new, or maybe because of her style, or piercing blue eyes and dark brown hair. She never thought of herself as ordinary, but she never thought she was anything special either.

As she walked down the hall, she spotted your clichéd preppy popular girls, your jocks, your Goths, your freaks and geeks, and your normal people. Just like every other high school. She found the main office grabbed her schedule and her books and moved on out.

"FIRE!" someone shouted as she left the office.

BAM! A water balloon had hit her square in the face and she dropped her books. Oh yes, it surely would be a bad day. So much for the friendly approach.

"Fucking assholes," she murmured as she wiped the water off her face. "Who the hell threw that?!" she screamed.

The hall remained as though nothing had happened. But it was terribly obvious who had thrown the balloon. Walking up to the stupid male, she glared viciously at him.

"And what gives you the right to throw a water balloon at me?!" she shouts at him.

He holds back his laughter and just smirks. "It's customary," he says.

"It's customary," she mocks, slapping him across the face. The entire hall freezes.

A few, 'I can't believe she just did that!' can be heard and 'She is SO gonna get her ass kicked!' oh and this was classic, 'OHMYGOD! IS HE OKAY?!'

Walking triumphantly away from the beast, she goes to pick up her books, but the idiot follows her and as she picks them up he slams them back on the ground, shooting her a nasty look. She gives him a fiery glare and places her hands on her hips.

"And who the hell are you?" she asks.

"Someone you'll never forget," he 'dangerously' said.

"Yuck! I cannot believe you just said that!" she replied, face contorted in disgust.

He just stood there, towering over her. Only now did she get a good look of him. He was a whole 6 maybe 8 inches taller to her 5 foot frame. He had black hair that was neatly trimmed, coal-black eyes and a fair tan. He was kind of built.

"Come on man, leave her alone; she's new," one of his friends said, pulling him away.

Jophi got a look of him. He was just a whole head taller than her, tousled chocolate brown hair, brown eyes that could make a girl cry, a fair complexion, and gorgeous lips.

The buff jerk wad just looked at his friend, nodded and forcefully walked away. The guy that 'saved?' her just smiled weakly and followed after his friend.

Finally falling out of some bizarre reverie, she picked up her books and went to her assigned locker to drop some things off.

Period 1: Trigonometry

Teacher: Ms. Trininski

Personal Comment: "This is so messed up."

After introducing herself to everyone, and feeling more like an alien, the class finally began; the students filled out a few papers for Ms. Trininski and then began taking notes. To no surprise did she find that the guy that may have saved her from the big jerk earlier was sitting next to her.

"My name's Ryan," he said, turning towards her.

"Congratulations," she replied, glancing up from her notebook back up to the board to take more notes down.

He cleared his throat and said, "So where are you from?"

The bell rang, signaling that class was dismissed. She sighed and stood to put her books away.

"A place," was all she said.

He stood up too, following her motions. "Not too talkative are you?" he said.

Frustrated, she answered with, "No, not particularly, especially since I don't exactly want to be here. I have no friends. I've made an enemy. And I'm really not liking this school!"

"You know, Kevin's just being a jerk because you're new," he responded.

"Kevin?" she asked.

"The guy who threw the water balloon at you this morning?"

Jophi rolled her eyes. "Fantastic," was all she said before leaving class.

Period 2: Study Hall

Teacher: Mr. Bell

Personal Comment: "Don't wake me, I plan on sleeping in."

Period 3: Media Studies

Teacher: Mrs. Conrad

Personal Comment: "This is the sound of settling."

Jophi was never really involved with school, but give her an issue regarding the media and she's on it. The opening discussion for the class was about influences in the media. Jophi began listing and listing and the class just listened.

"TV plays a big role in influencing. There's so much violence played out now, it's ridiculous! Take the news for example. The news is a primary reason as to why there are a lot of people depressed all the time! All the news tells us are the bad things going on in the world; surely there are some good things, like a fire rescue or a teacher was awarded for something."

"But without the news, how will we know what's going on in the world?" Ryan asked.

Jophi eyed him in disbelief. "I never said we should get rid of the news. I agree that without it, we'll never truly know what's going on in the world. But I do suggest that we tone it down a bit; that we add more happy things."

"The world isn't exactly a happy place," Ryan added.

"But isn't that what we need to change?" she asked.

The bell rang.

"That was a wonderful discussion," Mrs. Conrad said, "I look forward to more of this. See you all next class."

Everyone began filing out of the classroom. When Ryan caught up with Jophi he said, "Are you usually that enthusiastic about the media?"

"Are you usually this…irritating toward people?"

He smirked, "Now that's not nice, considering you haven't made any friends yet."

"You want to be my friend?" she stopped and asked.

"Why not?"

Jophi just rolled her eyes and walked away.

Period 4: Economics

Teacher: Mr. Daniels

Personal Comment: "Well what's the point?"

Lunch had finally arrived, however Jophi had nowhere to eat. She settled on eating at a table by herself. She pulled out the turkey sandwich and chips she brought from home.

"Eating alone kinda sucks, can you agree?" a lanky girl asked her, her tray of food placed on the table.

"Yes," Jophi timidly responded.


Jophi stared at her in confusion. "Um-

"My name's Rachel."


"Don't worry, I already know who you are."


"So how's you're first day in hell?" Rachel asked.

"You really have to ask?"

"It's always appropriate to take precautions such as this."

Jophi nodded and took a bite out of her sandwich. Just then, her stalker arrived. Jophi groaned in frustration.

"Can I sit here?" he asked.

"Don't you have reservations over there," Jophi said as she pointed to where Kevin and a bunch of other guys and preppy girls sat.

"They won't miss me," he said as he pulled out a sandwich.

"Don't be so sure of yourself," murmured Jophi as you know who came bounding over.

"What're you doing sitting here, Ry?" Kevin asked, shooting Jophi a menacing stare. Jophi returned it but gave him the finger too.

"I thought, I'd make Jophi here," he gestured to her, "feel more like she belongs." Ryan winked pleasantly.

Kevin's face motioned in mild annoyance. "Whatever," he replied as he walked back to his table.

"SO!" Rachel exclaimed.

"Oy," was all Jophi said.

"What, are you Jewish or something?" Rachel asked whole heartedly.

"No," Jophi sheepishly responded.

"Then what's with the oy?" she asked.

Ryan just smiled.

"It was for good measure?" Jophi asked.

Rachel just shook her head, her razor straight black hair falling along her face.

Perhaps it wasn't such a bad day…more like…a bizarre day.

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