Sinning Baby

It means nothing,

You shut my heart up in a box,

Laden down in bloody gold, unable to keep inside my soul.

Your tears are not falling for me.

I'm still here, all that's left of your broken lies,

Hollow eyes!

O, what did I ever do I thought

As you drove the knife into my chest while I hung from the ceiling, rope around my neck.

The bullet flew with lifeless wings, crushing my skull with painful stings.

My dear, I believed you have sinned.

I'll stroke you while still in the noose.

It's all right dear; do not cry dear,

I believe you have sinned dear.

Drive the blade through my gut; I will pull it further till I am close enough to hold you.

Whilst I lay on the floor love,

I do believe you shot me in the throat; all I could breathe was my blood.

You didn't bother to see me still watching, and you thought I was dead.

Shot, stabbed, suffocated, I could not live.

But O love, you were wrong.

You were very wrong dear; I believe you have sinned dear.

Take me to look at the stars love,

Take me to breathe the night air along with my blood love,

It's all right dear; do not cry dear,

Your tears are not for me are they?

Shall we dig like we had when we were little love?

You threw me in the hole, but no, I am not dead.

O my dear, sweet child who never loved me like he said he did.

Bury me dear, under the earth, under the stars, but I can still see you, I will always see you.

I will kiss you again in hell.

The lightening flashed,

The thunder sobbed,

And the moon cried.

It's all right dear; do not cry dear.

I believe you have sinned.