How does it turn out this way?
How does it turn from light to dark so fast?
I don't understand, not now,
Maybe not ever
It's all so sudden, the change,
Flicked like a switch,
Light was on, now off,
Plunged into darkness,
Cucooned, swamped, swallowed,
I'm encased and entombed,
Lost in my own emotions,
Clawing for a way out,
Destroying nothing but myself,
There is no way out, only the switch,
Once I find it I know I can control,
But I'm lost here,
Disorientated in the dark.

It's my fault isn't it?
I didn't mean to abandon you,
I just got lost
So very lost when I let myself sink
I know I let myself, it's not that I was forced,
Sometimes I let myself drown in the memories,
It is easier that way.
I wish I could make you understand,
But I'm not sure that I can.
It's something I'm still unsure about,
I don't know how I came to be this way.
I blame him.
I blame them
I blame circumstances, place and time,
But in the end there is only one person left to take the fall,
That's me.

It's my fault,
Always mine.
And now I'm losing you,
Because I'm too weak to be enough for you, whilst trying to find myself.