What you do to me.

The second I saw you,

My heart Skipped.

When you hit my arms,

It knocked me over.

When you pressed close,

I thought this is so perfect.

When you first kissed me,

I Fell apart Inside.

When you came in the car soaked

I thought how beautiful.

When you laid in my lap,

I felt like a man.

The day we took a shower,

My fears went down the drain.

When we Laid naked with eachother,

I felt like this is complete trust.

When we touched,

I felt so loved.

When we made love,

I felt like I was one with you.

When we walked around,

I felt like we were maried.

When we ate together,

It made me feel taken care of.

When I left you arms to go home,

I felt empty inside.

When I whatched you walk away at the tracks,

It hurt so bad I wanted to chase after you.

When I got on the plane,

I cried.

When I took off,

I wanted to jump out.

When I fell asleep that night,

I felt so lonely.

When I woke up alone,

I felt like I was dead.