The Beautiful Girl

There is a beautiful girl I knew
Once she lay down on her bed
in her nightgown.
Her hair billowed across her pillow
She looked like an angel.
Her hands clutched at her heart,
Waiting for the beat that would never bring life.
It was what she wanted, right?
She was strangely beautiful in her final hour.
Eyelashes fluttering
as each breath came, slowly.
her lips the rosy red
patiently awaiting the kiss of death.
She was too beautiful for this ugly world
She glowed from the inside
But when the light went out,
The dark outside had won.
It was night when the light turned on
and found the beautiful girl.
It was night in the hearts who knew her
But the girl
the beautiful girl
now lived a beauty among beauties.
Her beautiful soul unhindered by
the blackness of earth.
I knew her once