Only Fifteen

I am only fifteen,
and I am riding around town
with my friend
in her older brother's new truck.

I am only fifteen
when a car runs a red light
and crashes, they tell me,
into my side of the vehicle.

I am only fifteen
with a broken back and shoulder
but not paralyzed, they tell me,
but I don't believe them.

I am only fifteen,
and I'm not going to die
but who said I didn't want to.
This pain kills me anyway.

I am only fifteen
my birthday was last month,
but everything before
seems a lifetime away.

I am only fifteen.
My father abused me.
My mother is sick, they tell me,
and my sister can't keep a job.

I am only fifteen,
but I was the normal one
the rock, the steady
for them to fall back on.

I am only fifteen,
and I am too young to die,
but I am too young
to live like this.