Standing 6ft and some inches with wavy blonde hair and the lightest baby blues you will probably lay eyes on, Jordan Quinton III looks down in the pleading eyes of yet another nameless face. Some model who was introduced to him by 'her people' who wanted a chance to 'conquer' the sexy, rich (very), specimen before her. He could have been a model himself, but despised the fact. He could not be someone who was told to do this and that, not a take-order guy. In fact, since birth he was groomed to be a leader and never a follower. He was sexy as hell though, tanned to perfection, deep dimples that would make anyone's day, and his body was lean and muscled. Any woman he met, if only in passing, would become putty to him. And the bad thing about it, he knew it! And his charm could not be taught in any class, it was inborn. He was arrogant, crude, and most of he did not give a damn about anyone, only family and a few friends. Yet, he treated the women he slept with, with respect, as much as he could anyway. He never cuddled, never kissed longer than was needed, and he never left them with any misleading indications. They knew exactly how he was, and what was to be expected. But still, there were a few who tried to break the pattern and become the one.

With one last kiss on the forehead, he bid his last lover adieu, and off he strode. It was always their homes, never his. He had never invited a woman back to his place, except for his family. He did not even invite his friend's girlfriends over. 'It is a mistake to let a woman know where you live, too much trouble. You never know when one might not accept a relationship is over' he would always say. Not that he had relationships. He never was with a woman more than a week. Every since he was young, it was one woman then another. He never was shy and was always raised as if the world was his, and all he had to do was speak and he shall have. He loved having sex, but that is it, no kissing, hugging or cuddling. He never found a woman who totally stopped him in his tracks with just a look, or even made him suggest that maybe sex isn't enough. That was until he met Vanessa!

He was tired from the party, and knew he should not have went home with that model, but it had been a week of dining and he still did not know her name, so it was time to wrap up the relationship. She was beautiful, but he has been with beautiful women all his life, and she was like the rest, someone who was great in bed but (even though she tried), he was not interested in nothing else. He really did not want to go to work today. Who knew buying a company could be this much work? The company was great, but had been shot to hell with shotty management and greedy CEO's running it in the ground at a speed that would make NASCAR envy! The workers were insanely over-worked and mistreated and they in turn treated the customers as such. Not that he cared too much about workers, he was taught that there are certain 'people' below him, and they will always remain that way. But, Jordan was not business-ignorant, he knew to have a successful business up in running, you need happy workers. So there was this mutual business respect he had for people, even though he did not really see them as equal.

He walked into his new business with the smell of new money and confidence emitting from every part of him. As expected eyes were glued to him and whispers flooded his ears. Women, customers and workers alike, were left speechless at the new 'Adonis' that invaded there normally routined life. Jordan just kept his head high with a smile on his face as he nodded and greeted his way to the manager's office. There, he was met with his new 'ass' attachments, as they would be permantly kissing it. The fake smiles displayed their spineless faces. New 'yes-men' to mold and torture.

"Hi, how are you doing, I am Steven, the Store Manager." As he extended his hand to confirm his status in the company. Jordan just looked at his hand as he slowly withdrew it back to his side. There was an uncomfortable silence until the Assistant Store Manager attempted to introduce himself.

"Um, I am the Assistant Store Manager, my name is Kevin and..."

"The introductions are not necessary, since I have reviewed all your files personally myself." Jordan stated as cold as his stare froze them into place. Jordan knew all their misgivings and has read all the reviews from the workers on each manager.

"I would like to hold a manager's meeting in an hour, not an hour and a half, not even one minute after. Am I understood?" And with that Jordan strode off to find the meeting room to get set up. That is what he did, not walked, but strode. He had long strides that would coincide with his attitude. While he was setting up, each manager entered the room with fear and wonderment in their eyes. He glanced upon the people before him and was about to begin his meeting before she rushed in.

"Sorry I am late, but I was with a customer." She said with the most beautiful smile he had ever seen in his life. And for a brief moment in his life, Jordan Quinton III was at a loss for words. He was fuming at the fact she interrupted him, and the audacity she had to be late! But, at the same time he had to swallow the shock of excitement that crept up his body as he watched her unbeknownst to himself how the room followed his gaze of her. But thanks to his coolness before, they mistook his stare as intolerance instead of intrigue. She had a smile to die for, and her body was not thin and bony, she had hips and curves but not thick. Her hair fell just below her shoulders and her eyes were big and golden brown. She had eyes that would tame the devil himself with the kindness they held. But, it was the skin tone that pissed him off the most. It was a smooth caramel toned perfection. How dare he have excitement for 'her', someone who was obviously not worth his glance, let alone an excited feeling? He tried to shake it off, and claim to have been shocked at her 'disrespect' than to believe there were any feelings for this woman. But still...

"You are" Jordan barked out trying to hold her gaze. Trying to catch some form of fear or weakness he could use to keep the upper hand on her. But there were none, her eyes still held the same tenderness it brought into the room, and her smile just became wider. How dare she, she may not know of me yet, but she will soon find out who I am, and that smile will be completely wiped off her face he thought.

"I am Vanessa, Vanessa Shields and I am the Bakery Manager." The words fell from her lips so gingerly that once again he found himself left speechless and her gaze kept him from looking anywhere else but her. He clenched his jaw and tried to speak as calmly as he could without giving away any of the feelings he was developing for her. What was he doing! What is he thinking, there is no way he is developing anything for her. This is nothing but anger, right? He shook the thought out of his mind and continued with his little tirade.

"Well, next time make it a point to be on time!" and with that he proceeded with his meeting, not missing a beat. He definitely got his message across, but also offered to work with them as well. He saw the relaxed expressions on their faces as his last offer came across. He wanted a successful company so he would work with all of them to make that become a reality. But, there is one person he would try to avoid, and that was Vanessa. As all the managers tried introducing themselves once again he hurriedly rushed out with some made up excuse about another meeting and with that walked out of the store into the well deserved fresh air. What the hell was wrong with him? Who the Hell was this Vanessa? He did not know and he did not want to find out.