"Jordan!" Vanessa squirmed to get out of his grasp. "Put me down!"

Jordan did not pay Vanessa any mind; and thanks to the adrenaline he received from her simple reply, he effortlessly strode to the elevator with her in his arms. The only motion that captured his attention was her flailing legs as she struggled to free herself from his hold.

"You keep that up and you will give all of these people a show." Jordan stated.

Jordan kept his gaze forward as he spoke, never breaking stride. Vanessa quickly remembered her skirt that was inching higher with every kick. She tugged at the garment as she subconsciously looked around to see if anyone had seen anything. To her surprise, there was only the front desk person and the bellman who awaited their entrance into the elevator. Jordan laughed when he knew Vanessa realized she had been duped.

Vanessa slapped him across his chest and pouted. "Very funny." She stated as she crossed her arms.

"Well you were making it difficult for me to enjoy this," Jordan smiled down into her face. "…and I want to revel in every moment." Vanessa saw the seriousness in his eyes.

"And what am I to do?" Vanessa asked with one eyebrow raised.

"Revel with me of course." Jordan stepped inside the elevator and nodded to the bellman.

And there was that warm feeling again, the feeling that had her stomach swirling. She turned away from his gaze and smirked. 'So he thinks he is in control?' Vanessa thought to herself.

She settled in his arms, which brought great delight to Jordan as he lifted her high enough for their lips to touch. Jordan still could not believe how lost he became whenever he kissed Vanessa. But before their kiss became heated, Vanessa pulled back and pointedly looked at Jordan. She quickly glanced to the bellman and back to Jordan. As if he cared, Jordan furrowed his brow and slightly shrugged his shoulders. He lowered his head once again to taste Vanessa's lips; but was immediately halted, as his lips came in contact with the palm of her hand. Not deterred in the least by Vanessa's action, Jordan lightly kissed her hand as he began to playfully nibble down her wrist.

As his lips and tongue brushed over her skin, Vanessa trembled from the sensation that rippled through her body. She snatched her arm from Jordan's reach, which left her lips vulnerable. Jordan went in for the attack but was again foiled as Vanessa barely maneuvered her lips away from Jordan. This time he found her cheek and began to travel to her ear.

"Stop fighting it Vanessa." He grazed her ear and spoke softly. "Tonight, you are mine."

Vanessa quickly faced Jordan and spoke. "Not with an audience."

Looking confused, "So I have to remove all the video cameras I have waiting for us?" Jordan tried to hide his laughter as he watched Vanessa's expression.

"Do not get your ass whipped Jordan." Vanessa stated as she glared at him. Her comment emitted an almost inaudible chuckle from the young bellman.

"Only if you promise to be gentle" Jordan smiled seductively.

"It's going to be gentle alright." Vanessa squirmed again. Although it felt good being in Jordan's arms, it was a little uncomfortable having another person right beside them as they rode an elevator. "Uhhh, could I possibly get down."


"Jordan, we are in an elevator riding…"

"And it will not be long before we reach our destination." Jordan stated as he smiled at her. "I told you that I would carry you and that is what I am going to do."

"You do not need to carry me," Vanessa tried once again to free herself from Jordan's hold. "…we are being carried by an elevator."

"Look Vanessa, either I carry you like this, or I throw you over my shoulders and carry you like that. But you will be carried by me." Jordan's smile grew as he awaited her response. "

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes." Jordan truthfully replied.

"Do you really think so?" Vanessa's smile was one of intrigue. "I wish you might put me over your shoulde..." Vanessa's words trailed off, as Jordan easily placed her over his shoulders.

"Jordan!" Vanessa absently began swatting Jordan on his backside.

"Ohhh, so the spanking begins, and with an audience no doubt." Jordan's words immediately halted Vanessa's attack on him.

"You are an ass." Vanessa stated as she tried to raise herself from her current position.

"So I've been told." Jordan captured one of her hands and secured it. "Will you just relax and enjoy the moment?"

"And this is supposed to be pleasurable, me draped over your shoulders like a sack of potatoes."

As the elevator came to a stop, Jordan stepped out with Vanessa in tow. He nodded goodnight to the bellman and proceeded to his door. "You had a front row seat Vanessa; but alas, you just couldn't handle it."

"I will have you know, that I can and will handle anything you throw my way." Vanessa's senses were overtaken by a delectable aroma, as Jordan entered his penthouse.

"That is easier said, than done missy. Now, close your eyes for me." Jordan returned Vanessa to her previous position, cradled in his arms.

"Why don't you close them for me, since you think you are in control?"

"Don't make me get the tape. I was saving that for later." Jordan and Vanessa both chuckled at his statement.

"Fine…" Vanessa closed her eyes and threw up her arms. "…their closed."

"Thank you." Jordan kissed her nose and walked slowly.

"Why are you walking so slowly?"

"For the love of it Vanessa…" Jordan was trying not to laugh, which caused Vanessa to laugh at his outburst. "…I try to plan a romantic night, read up on every romantic gesture 'google' has to offer, and you fight me every step of the way."

"I'm sorry. I am sorry." Vanessa's laughter fills the penthouse as Jordan continues.

"I am a newbie at this romantic stuff; believe me when I say 'I have never done this before'." Jordan continues his playful rant. "I try to set the tone and…"

"Ok, ok I am sorry." Vanessa apologizes profusely as her laughter erupts. "I will not say another word. Look my eyes are still closed."

"…I even try to regain my courage and add a little suspense as I carry you to the balcony, but ohhhh no. Now I am too slow."

"No, you are doing great. I get it, and you are right." Vanessa tries to stifle her laugh. With her eyes still closed, she could not see Jordan's expression. And if it was not for his chest jumping every time he laughed, she would have thought he was angry with her.

"Here is a little encouragement." Vanessa felt for Jordan's neck and kissed him there. Then another kiss, this one more urgent than the first one, pressed against his skin almost floored him.

"Ok," Jordan said breathlessly. "…I believe I have the will again." Jordan began walking slowly towards the balcony. "I think I will need some more of that encouragement later."

Vanessa chuckled. "You got it. No questions asked."

"I love the sound of that."

"But only for tonight Jordan." Vanessa quickly retorted.

"That's all the time I need…" Jordan finally placed Vanessa down. She could smell the seasonings of some type of dish, and flowers. "…to put you under my spell." Vanessa slowly opened her eyes, and for the second time tonight. She was speechless.

Red roses filled vases that almost completely covered the balcony; except one spot that was reserved for the backdrop. The city's lights lit up like a Christmas tree. There were buildings as far as the eye could see. A few steps in front of the railing, sat a small table covered with a long white table cloth with a small feast atop.

"I have to capture this." Vanessa fumbled in her purse for her phone; she would use the scenery for her phone's background. She was so excited. As she clicked the photo, a message displayed on her phone. 'Low memory!'

"Are you kidding me?" Vanessa remembered the many pictures she had taken at the aquarium. "Damnit!"

"What's wrong?" Jordan asked.

"My memory is full." Vanessa pouted. "I could erase one of my photos from the aquarium."

"Don't." Jordan grabbed Vanessa's phone. "Hopefully, there will be many more nights like this that you can capture."

"Funny how you had all of this already prepared, but I didn't give you an answer until about 10 minutes ago." Vanessa asked. "Did you have a back-up plan?"

"Your answer downstairs did not confirm this dinner. It was included with the date." Jordan hugged Vanessa to him, and spoke. "Your answer downstairs, confirmed what transpires afterwards." Jordan passionately kissed Vanessa. "And I for one can not wait."