28 September 2005

Dedicated to Adriana since she was walking with me the night…well…early morning that "it" happened.

And it seemed to be the saddest night ever…

Her mind clouded with thoughts of her mother

Lying in the hospital smothered

In stomach pain

She didn't want the fate to be the same

As her aunt's

Who died of stomach cancer

But the doctors didn't have an answer

To her mother's condition

I, on the other hand, kept wishin'

That the hickey on my neck didn't sting so

But even more so

Wishin' that I hadn't been just thirty minutes ago

Gazing at the ceiling

The bed shaking and squealing


My self-worth downgrade

Itself, slowly commencing to fade…

We stroll together, the wind whispering in the breeze

Trying to gradually put our mind at ease

Few verbal words intertwine between us

After we discussed

The incidents assaulting our being, and we just

Let the grace

Of the silence be our sweet embrace