(A/N: First journal, I hope this goes over well as this is my socials mark, The journal was leaving the homeland, if something is not historically correct, feel free to tell me)

July 2, 1815

Here I am at last. The boat is now visible over the horizon, and we will be boarding soon. In less then that of an hour, my family and I will step onto that boat, and in doing so, we shall be starting a new life. My wife Moria, was insistent on the type of boat we went on. We've seen a few coffin ships board already and as god as my witness I will never let my family travel for such a long time, in a timber boat. Myself and I would travel on one, but to bring seven other people, well I could never take that chance. Myself I live through many things, but never shall my family. I have been in Ireland so long I feel almost preverbal, I was there when in 1782 we won our Legislative Independence from Britain. I was there and I watched the carnage of the revolution of 1798. I lived through the penal acts and never once did my faith in the Catholic religion falter. Now after several famines and droughts the last straw has been taken, this New World is going to mean a better life, no more wars, unrightfully laws, or oppressive landowners. The Ireland that I once knew is not the same Ireland that my six children face. This New World will give us a chance to rise through the ranks of society, no longer will we just be simple farmers. No my experience will be appreciated, and in turn as will my sons. It is hard to think of some of the things we are leaving behind, yes we can save our wealth, and yes we do not have to watch vainly as yet another crop withers and dies. But, in truth I will miss Ireland, she has been my home for 53 years, the McBrien Family has lived in the same plot of land for 10 generations. Especially I will miss Jackob and Kristina, for I have known them since I was a wee boy growing up in Cork. Other things as well, we had to leave a good amount of furniture behind, the ships crew telling us that is was no room on the boat for the amount of things we wanted to bring. It came down to the majority of out animals or our wagons and carts. It was a hard choice to make but in the end what sense is a cart with no horses to pull them. It shall not matter, we will all take turns on the horses and when we are not riding we will be walking, after all that we have heard of the wonderful roads I feel safe knowing that we should not tire ourselves out as much. With the roads I am sure we will be traveling quickly and we will make it to our new home in no time. The boat is coming soon, and I am even more glad as there is no shade here and I can see my 2 year old Keara start to stir. If we were not loading soon she would surely start crying. Even if she does Isleen, my second daughter who is 34 will tend to her as Moria is currently disciplining the boys, at their ages, they really shouldn't behave that way. Fergal being 16 I can see. But Gilroy, Caleb, and Dwayne being 25, 29 and 27 respectively should not act out in such a way, it is no wonder they all are unwed. After we are settled in Woodstock that shall be my first priority, to find them wives. Isleen, I will also find a new husband for, by then the death of her first husband Caven will have past, the difficult part will be finding a man who wishes to marry a women of her age, and an unfertile one at that! Perhaps she will never be wed again, but maybe that will be a good thing after all there are a lot of mouths to feed, and my wife is as old as I am, and neither of us move as quickly as we'd like too. Thinking of moving quickly I have a boat to catch. This boat ride ahead of us isn't going to be a short one. Eyes closed. Breathe in. Get ready. Eyes open. Breathe out. Start a new life.