Teen Accused Of Beating a Woman to Death

By: Elizabeth Martin


Before after

Scott Dyleski

On October twenty-second two-thousand-five, a young man named, Scott Edgar Dyleski, was accused of beating Pamela Vitale to death with a small statue 39 times on the head and carved a gothic symbol on her back. Because Vitale, being married to a prominent attorney, national attention was brought to the case, and prosecutors also sought for the harshest punishment of twenty-six years of prison for Scott being the age sixteen going onto seventeen.

If Scott was tried as a juvenile, he would've been out of Juvenile Hall by the time he was twenty-five. If he was eighteen years old, he could've been put to death.

Students said that he was a good student, until he came up to the eight grade. He began wearing dark clothes, dyed his brown hair black, and favored black trench coats, black nail polish and silver jewelry. Once he punched a seventh grader for making fun of his trench coat. Since then Acalanes Middle School banned them. But Dyleski still wore black and still dressed Goth.

Most family members said he still stayed gentle and sweet. For about eight years, Scott lived with his mother in Lafayette, where they lived a mile away from Vitale, who lived in a mobile home, near a large home a they were building.

On October twelfth the same day Scott's father filed for divorce with Scott's stepmother, he ordered supplies to grow pot, sources said.

He apparently believed that the supplies would be delivered to Vitale's house, sources said, but they never arrived. Sources believe that Scott went over to Vitale's house to search for the supplies and had a run-in with Vitale.

Vitale died after a violent struggle. " She must have fought like hell," Vitale's husband said. The couple's furniture were in disarray. Her slayer drank a glass of water, washed his hands in the sink, took a shower in the couple's mobile's home and walked out, leaving the weapon behind. Pretty bold…don't you think?

Quote: "That's not the person I watched grow up. …The boy I watched turned into a young man is polite, likes sports and is very friendly."

- Dyleski family member