The Real Me

They've mocked me
They've ripped me apart
While I watched
and could feel every cut and tear
They've stolen me
And replaced the hole with a
sick impersonation
who's too afraid
to change
Who's to hurt
to fight back
Who's too blind
to really see the picture
I don't know who I am any longer
am I the one they tease?
am I the invisible girl they walk past?
am I shining in the spotlight
and not to embasassed to say hello?
am i too old for my body
or am I too young?
I can't be just right...
They've made sure to tell me that
am I outside happy?
am I looking in, forlornly?
or am I inside whishing i could leave?
is this living?
or am i better off dead?
do they even know that they hurt me?
They can't be that blind...
I know I'm gifted
Just not in the way they want me to be
I'm smart
but not enough
I'm funny
but people laugh at me, not with
I think
but I don't act on it
I dream
and I don't try
I'm looking but I can't find myself
I'll probably give up
before I reach the prize
I see you
but are you real?
I see them
but I don't want to
I love everyting
and yet I'm passionate about nothing
Have they made me this way?
Or is this the real me
a mediocre excuse for the real thing
I'm only done half way
Should I stay?
Is everyone this way
or is it just me?