Faerie World

All day

The faeries play

The men chase the women,

The women chase the wind

The children ride the frogs

In their races through the flowering bogs

While the King is away,

The young Prince goes to play

With the poor children down the lane

All day

The faeries play

The ants chase the babes,

The babes want parades

The Faerie World is full of play

The sun shines bright

Faerie smiles reflect its light

Day and night,

The Faerie World is alight

The birds take flight

In the calm moonlight,

Carrying couples to the annual ball

No child is left out

The Faerie World is their playground

The Faerie World is real,

But you have nothing to fear

Faerie World is full of cheer

All day

The Faeries play

Here in Faerie World