Feet that bleed

Yet no cuts within soft skin

Drum down on the Earth

Run fast

Calves so defined

Yet so soft to the touch

Ankles so delicate yet strong

Run faster

Thighs so heavenly shaped

So smooth and firm

As they muscles flex

Crossing distance

Shapley torso

Silky soft, yet firm and curved

Graceful limbs in rhythm


Then comes the emotionless features

Eyes stinging from the wind

Yet you know there's excess moister from those orbs

Leave it all behind

Flowing tresses that flow behind

Leave no trace of what was there

Or what is to come

What destination?

To be nobody but itself

Merely a broken soul within a body

Trying to deny what is and isn't there

Be truthful

The body slowly breaking as well

Fading fast into the night

It doesn't want to leave itself behind


No matter how powerful the propellers may be

The vessel isn't made to last forever

Most things come to an end

This is an acceptation

A soft gasp as the 'nobody' breathes

Propellers stop moving, it's so silent now

Has all now come to cease?


A look around to notice the surroundings

A place that isn't familiar, it's different

Though the soul is still a broken soul


No matter how many seas the vessel has crossed

It will always be itself

Even once its creator has destroyed it

It will always be

It cannot get away from itself

No matter how far it goes

One more look to the skies

Time to cross another ocean

A/N: Heyo there peoples. I haven't posted a poem up in a while :sweatdrop: Anywhoo, this was just something that I wrote a random right now… which means that I haven't updated to any of my stories and I feel guilty! Well….. not really, but I don't want to disappoint any of you! So yea, I am currently writing out some chapters, so hopefully they will be up soon : ) thankies!