Gamble shuffled his way along the dirty tile floors of the beat up hospital. He needed money and he needed it fast. This was the best thing he could do next to selling himself on the street. However, he knew that no woman wanted a semi-over weight middle aged balding man. It was decent pay for this kind of dirty work. After all, a lot of drug companies are looking for "rats" to test their products on. Gamble was their kind of rat…at least that's what he thought anyway. With a grunt, he pulled open the heavy wooden door and walked inside the waiting room, taking a seat in one of their plastic chained together seats from Chair Co.
"Mr. Gamble Davis?" The receptionist called in her high whiney voice. Gamble nodded and moved his way over to the window. "Testing?" Gamble nodded. The receptionist shook her head, perhaps in sympathy, and pointed to the door to her left. "Go in there, first door to your right. Good luck."
"Thank you." He murmured and pulled open the beat up door. The next hallway was even worse than the entrance. There were three men leaning against the wall, apparently in some sort of distress and another one lying motionless on the floor. "Hey guys." He said and received a wave in return. "What are they testing today?"
The closest man pushed himself off the wall and gave him a hard look in the eyes, as if judging his character by the dull grey of his irises. "What are you doing here boy?" He asked. "Why do you need this money so bad?" He asked, closing his eyes for a moment and steadying herself.
Gamble ignored him and entered the first door on his right like the lady had said to do. He was greeted by a man in a white coat and a woman in dress pants and the same distinguishing coat. At least the woman's smile looked sincere or maybe...a little better practiced. "Hey Doc." He said in greeting and took a seat on the padded chair. "What are you testing today?"
"This is a new thing for hair loss sir, nothing to get too scared about." He said without looking up from his clipboard. "Okay Mr. Davis, could you roll up your sleeve please?"
Gamble reluctantly rolled it up, exposing the vein in his arm. "I didn't know you could treat hair loss with an injection." He said, his eyebrows narrowed. The doctor didn't reply as he methodically pushed the needle in and drew it out. "I'm a little light headed." He said, and instantly heard the woman scratching down something on her clipboard.
"Oh that's normal." The doctor said with his best well practiced grin. "Here's your check."
Gamble accepted the slip of paper. "Thanks Doc." He said as he pushed himself up from the bench.
The woman stepped forward, her eyes never rising off of the clipboard, however it didn't seem that she was reading anything. "Why do you need this money so bad sir?"
He chuckled and swayed a little bit before replying. "Why does anybody need money Miss?" He asked as if the answer were the most obvious thing in the world. Gamble didn't take a step out of the door before he collapsed.