Chapter 4

Abbiar felt like he couldn't breath. But he did, he did when the doctor had told him that the woman who saved him was not just some millitary hound, but a, no not a, the. The Dragon slayer. It was no wonder now that she knew so much about the dragon, or his eye. But how did she know, had it happened to her, had someone else beside him done it.

He couldn't think, he couldnt sleep. His thoughts keep returning to their conversation. He had been so dumb. He should have known she was someone important and he could trust her. No he couldn't trust anyone anymore. He had said that when his grandmother had died. hadn't he tried to trust some people, but they turned around and ditched him.

What should he do. Slowly he clenched his hand but nothing happened. Again he did it. Standing up out of his bed he moved towards the mirror and tried it again.

Why wasn't it working, Hadn't it always worked before this. What was going on. He clenched his hand again and suddenly heard voices outside his door.

"General do you think it's wise to disturb him now, the nurse said he was asleep." A man scoffed Abbiar decided at once he didn't like what he was hearing.

"Oh please Henderson if we were to listen to everything someone told us what would happen?" There was no reaply. Abbair could hear the tension that was in the air. "Chaos thats what."

Someone called to them. Abbiar leaned agaist the wall and slid to the floor. what was he going to do. These men were obviously talking about him, he wondered what they were planing. Abbiar heard the door open and shut. He looked quickly to the door, but saw nothing.

"thats not right." Abbiar said in a whisper to himself. Noone was in the room with him. He moved to the door and looked outside. The General and Henderson were being cornered by the doctor that had checked on Abbiar.

"You really don't get double coded messages do you kid." Abbiar felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up. Some one was in the room with him, and he knew that voice.

"Miss Sage." Abbiar heard a chuckle in responce.

"You weren't that formal this morning." She replied back.

"Thats becasue I didn't know you were the, the..."

"Dragon Slayer, I'm begining to hate that title." Abbiar nodded knowing a bit how she felt. Accept he didn't have a title of glory, his was of shame.

"Well you've become quite popular, The first one to manage to walk away from a live dragon after being caught I'm told." Abbiar began to turn but stoped as Ryuu grabbed his sholder. "Don't do that, you won't like what you see." Ryuu said. Abbiar's eyes widened as he saw The General and Henderson begin to walk towards his door. The doctor protesting the entire way.

"Oh General Sauvag please don't tell me you this stupid."Ryuu's voice said in a whisper. She grabbed Abbiar's arm, pulling him away as the door flew open. Abbiar felt a farmilair sensation and quickly looked to the mirror. He was invisibule again. Abbiar checked his hands and felt confused. He hadn't done this, it must mean that Ryuu...

"Your.." Abbiar said in a whisper. He felt a hand over his mouth.

"Hush." He heard Ryuu say softly in his ear. Abbiar did as he was told, bitting his lower lip his mind trying to comprehend what was going on.

"What the hell is going on here." General Sauvag yelled. seeing the empty bed. The doctor looked as shocked as the other men. They began to search the room for him. Abbiar shuttered, If Miss Sage hadn't come when she had then who knows what could have happened. Abbiar felt a tug and from Ryuu's hand on his and slowly he followed her tug out the door. She turned a corner in a hallway.

Suddenly her body became visibule. Abbiar noticed the change in clouthing. She wore a tight black leather zipper up shirt, that stoped right after her ribs, it showed not only her definatly buff stomach, but Abbiar could see scars on the left side of her stomach. Her short hair was in pig tales that looked odd but cute. Abbiar also saw that she was wearing tight pants that were a black leather as well.

"Stay here. Don't worry no one will be able to see you." Ryuu said. she strode off back to the room. Abbiar could scence an amused smile playing on her lips as she went to provoke the wolves. "General Sauvag Must be one of those bad luck things that I keep running into. huh?" Abbiar heard Ryuu's voice. He slid himself against the wall a bit sliding towards the corner where he could sneak a peak.

"Well, well Miss Sage just what I thought you'd be wearing out of work. Clouthes fit for a Harlot." Abbiar heard a laugh from Ryuu.

"Well I'm honored you think about me General, but I think that can be qualified as Sexual Harrassiment so you better watch yourself. By the way why would you be in a section that doesn't allow vistors after Dark." Ryuu asked, her head tilting a bit an amused look no doupt in her eyes. Abbiar heard a grumble from the General.

"You know Miss Sage It's amazing how you know just where to go when something comes up whither important. More of your visions." The General asked Abbiar heard a tone of pure hate in his voice.

"Call it a gift." Ryuu said she had a bitterness in her voice that Abbiar reconized it was almost when He had come home from the market again being beaten because of who he was. The general scoffed and walked away. Abbiar flattened himself against the wall as he saw the General and his Assistant move past him.

"I'll get her, mark my words." The general said to his assistant under his breath. Abbiar frowned but then heard Ryuu's voice again in a whisper.

"I'm gonna take him out, I know it's against policy, but I think he deserves it after what happened to him tonight. I mean please can't the government wait a few friken days before interigating someone who just face a dragon it's enough to make me want to go back to the old land. Abbiar heard a laugh, probally from the doctor. Then he heard nothing. Inching Abbiar moved against the wall until he reached the corner. He peaked out only to come face to face with Ryuu.

"You know it's not nice to evesdrop." Ryuu said softly. Abbiar fell back and slipped to the floor. Ryuu laughed and reached a hand to him. Abbiar grabbed it and felt himself be pulled up. Ryuu's head motioned down the hallway and began to walk, Abbiar followed a few inches behind. He noticed what clouthes he was wearing. He wore the hospital white pants with a blue shirt.

"Ryuu.." Abbiar asked softly as they reached the stairway.

"Yes?" Ryuu asked pushing open the door. Abbiar turned his gaze down at the floor.

"I'm gonna need some clothes." He said softly. Ryuu chuckeled and pulled off her long leather jacket. Wrapping it around Abbiar she began to walk down the hallway.

"We'll get you some when we're out of here." She said pulling out a cell phone. She pushed in a few numbers while walking, never stopping to even consider she might be going the wrong way. Abbiar followed pulling the coat around him.

"Maxwell, hows your scrape. Yeah.." Abbiar heard Ryuu say into the phone as they reached the stairs and elevator. Ryuu pushed the botton for the elevator and then pushed open the door for the stairs and began to walk down. Abbiar waited a second staring at Ryuu before following.

How odd. Why would she Push the botton for the elevator only to go down the stairs. Abbiar thought. Ryuu moved fast but always waited for Abbiar at each leval. Her actions confused him. What was the point of all of this?

"No no I just need you to call her up for me, look trust me she owes me one, Max, its not for me...No ...Max..Max...Max.." Ryuu repeted. She was at the bottom waiting when Abbiar finally caught up with her. "Max, 49 83 4535, Yes I know thank you Max your a big help. give Clo my love. Alright Max tell Pauper she should be a little quieter when listening in. Bye." Ryuu hung up the phone and stuck it in her pocket. She turned to Abbiar.

"The free city won't be how you expect it, there is more corruption here than a dragon's fire is hot. I'm going to take you to North West part. This is where the most violence can occur if its provoked. don't stare, walk like you know where your going and do not, ever ever run. it shows weakness, no one likes weakness. Do you think you can handel it?" Abbiar nodded staring into Ryuu's eyes.

"Good." She said softly before opening the door letting them out into the nights streets of the free city.

Min sat on the steps of her store. It was almost 11, and it was cold out. She stared out at those who roomed the streets of the North west section.

There were eight sections of the free city.

The south was the bussiness section, politics its were gernerals and the press would be.

The North was the slums or the nicer slums, it was the rich's poor community. The free city could never be represented as a poor place, so the rich made the poor paridice. sure it was run down but it was still nice.

Every one got some sort of food there not like the North West. No this was the black sheep of the free city sections.

The East was the commercial and factories.

South west was the scientist labs, it was impossibule to disipher the scientists language unless you had a true native.

The south east was the rich's domains, its large castles were enough to make Min puke. There was no need for their huge houses they just did it for more space than possibule.

In the North east lay the houses of the common wealth. The Dragon slayer lived there. she was one of the few famos who respected all the classes and despised there differences. She could fit into any class but she stayed in hers and roamed into the others staying to share her knowlegde. Min smiled and rested her hand on her firearm as a drunk began to stroll toward her.

"Move on sir." Min said softly. She didn't feel like dealing with trouble tonight, not since she was asked to come out. She losened her grip on her wepon as the drunk began to stagger on, ignoring her pressence. She felt like getting up and leaving, but she owed any favor to the person she was meeting. Why not stay just a few more minutes. She thought as she saw a small kitten coming towards her. Her rubbed her finger's togeather to get the kitten's attention.

"Here kitty kitty kitty" Min muttered softly, focusing all of her attention on the kitten's movements towards her.

There was laughter behind her and Min quickly flung herself down the steps, grabbing her firearm she pointed it in the direction of the voice to see the farmiliar face of the Dragon slayer and a young boy. "What the crap Ryuu?" Min asked angrily. She gave the dragon slayer a glare pulling herself up and walking back up the steps, rubbing her sholders that had hit hard on the concreate steps. Why was it everytime they met She had to be scared to death that she was about to be attacked. Not that she minds that much..cause she could definately defend herself. But seriously it was such a hassal.

"I apologize I didn't expect you too be that jumpy, besides at least I know your reflexes are still up and running." Min cursed under her breath. Why did the Dragon slayer always prove her wrong making her feel guilty. Min pulled out a set of keys and walked to the top of the steps unlocking the barred doors.

"I better be gettin something good for this, you calling me out this late, I had something better to do you know." Min saw Ryuu smirk.

"I highly doupt it." Min shook her head, smiling slightly before motioning for the two to step inside as she opened the door. Ryuu did so quickly, but the boy hesitated before following close to Ryuu. Min stared noticing something that she couldn't deside on being really wierd, or intresting. Ryuu and the kid look almost complete opposite. The kid had dark skin while Ryuu had pale. Light hair to dark hair, short, tall, young, deffinately older. Min shook her head again, feeling quite odd for having these thoughts but at the same time intreaged. How would theses two who probally never met before look so ...well opposite. Min shrugged locking the door behind her and leading the way to her clouthing shop.

1st Lutenite Pauper Sparrow layed comfortably on the couch staring up at the cealing of Maxwell's apartment. He had asked if she wanted to spend the night and since she didn't really feel like walking home, she took out a blanket and pillow from his room and layed down on the couch laying there since he had left and settled down in his own bed over three hours ago. Her mind raced piecing back the activities that had gone on in the preivious week hopeing Ryuu's briefing had gone much betters than her own. Or at least thats what she suspected from Ryuu's childish grin as she left the briefing room. She knew that if she was to have asked Ryuu how it went she wouldn't get a straight answer. There was also no way that she was going to ask one of the officers or senators that were in the room after Ryuu entered.

Their faces when she entered attempted to go blank moving on through the next briefing, however many of them, many meaning all but one, had a look of utter embaressment, anger, or confusion. Some even had all three. The briefing went as normal as possibule, since General Sauvag desided not to mention a word, a look of utter anger in his face. No doubt brought on by Ryuu, since the two did have the history of getting in the worst arguments that even crossed the earth, Ryuu usually winning the majority of them.

Pauper smiled at this thought, seeing Sauvag defeated like that made all the difference, his stuck up haughty attitude was ...well she shouldn't mention any words, thinking the way she did usually ment talking about it later, and usually that ment her getting into more trouble then she needed. What had she been thinking about anyway?

Pauper groaned, knowing that she had once again went off on one of her thought trips that usually ment she hadn't had any thinking about the matter done and that was why she originally couldn't get to sleep.

Pauper took a deep breath trying to think of what she was thinking about before she had gone off on her rant...General Sauvag. thats right about how he was so angry he didn't say a single word through the whole thing. That was reliving, Pauper didn't think she could deal with any thing he said especially since she had indead broken a big, really big military rule about flying into dragon occupied teritory. So General Sauvag had been so angry he eventually stormed out of the room which was very odd, since Sauvag didn't normally let out his anger like that he'd yell or shout or take it out on her or whoever was being debriefed. Purhapse Ryuu had been to hard on him, or maybe it was because of that kid that Ryuu had pulled out of the water.

Pauper's thoughts were cut short as a phone rang loud and obnoxiously for the middle of the night. Her body jumped being startled by the sound, falling off the couch with a thud to the floor.

The horrid thing that had scared her sat against the wall like a fly on a summer afternoon annoying people just with its ongoing pressance. Pauper debated wiether or not to wait for Maxwell to pick up his phone or to get it her self.

Ring Ring Ring Ring. on and on the phone went, Pauper counted the annoying sounds, slowly standing to her feet glaring at the accursed thing. Moving slowly toward the phone she debated wiether or not to destroy the damned thing or just answer it. Finally the ringing stoped at Pauper hand lay agaisnt it to pick it up. Pauper stared wided eyed at the thing wondering if she should still pick it up or just go to bed. Bed. Maxwell picked the phone up its none of her bussiness anyway.

But the phone did wake her up shouldn't she have the right to know why?

But she wasn't sleeping, in fact she was just laying there...

Pauper squinted her eyed wishing she could glare at herself for proving herself wrong. But what would be the fun of going back to bed if she didn't hear why she got up and walked over here. Pauper heard a slight murmer of Maxwell's voice from the other room and shrugged to her self before coghing loudly, and then picking the phone up. Hopefully that cough wouldve distracted Maxwell enough for him not to hear the click letting him and whoever else was on the phone know of someone else on the line. Slowly Pauper brought the reciver of the phone to her ear being completely silent listening.

"Maxwell did you hear that click?" A female voice asked sounding a little parinoid.

"No, I didn't." Maxwell said sounding a little annoyed, and tired. Pauper smiled slightly, Maxwell was so cute when he was sleepy. "What was it that you wanted to tell me?"

"I found a new signiture on Elises hard drive when i was cheaking today." The woman said, Pauper blinking eyes widening a bit as she reconized the voice. She hadn't heard that voice in over 4 years. Cleopatra, Maxwell's female twin.

" Who cares Clo, Why should that intreast me, a new signiture couldve come from anywhere, people come into the city with new signitures everyday. Is it still 99 human?" Maxwell asked sounding like he was half asleep. Pauper didn't blame him, it was 3 in the morning, why she wasn't tired was beyond her.

"Yes Maxwell it is 99 human...sortof..." Cleopatra said. Pauper frowned. She'd never heard Cleopatra sound so confused. Usually she was so sure of herself, never questioning herself, let alone ask for Maxwell's oppinion.

"What do you mean sort of Clo?" Maxwell asked the childhood nickname for his twin never getting old for him.

"I mean Maxwell that it isn't a normal human signiture, theres something different about it, something strange, its almost as if its fake..." Cleopatra said hesitiantly as if trying to find the right words. Pauper heard Maxwell scoff obvious thinking his twin not thinking straight. But that was the only problem. Cleaopatra always thought right, she never...Never made a mistake.

" I want you to go home get 8 hours of sleep, real sleep. Not simulated. Understand?" Maxwell said obviously waking up from his sleepy state, slightly worried about his sister's condition. Pauper could sense Cleopatra frowning at her brother's advice. "Just ...get the sleep and I'll talk to you more later after you recheck ok?" Maxwell asked probally sensing his twins own disapointment with his answer.

"OK Maxy.." Cleopatra said with the farmiliar childhood name. Pauper smiled hearing a slight chuckle from Maxwell.

"Goodnight Clo."

"Good night.." Pauper heard Maxwell wait for his twin to hang up before his followed. Pauper waited till she heard both clicks before hanging up the phone quietly. Her eyes stared at the phone letting at a quiet sigh as the information she had just heard piled up on the reasons she couldn't sleep.

"I see your back to your ways of eves dropping Pauper..." Pauper stiffened eyes wideinging in surprise as she heard Maxwell's voice sound near her.

"Well how else am I suppose to entertain myself?" Pauper asked turning to meet Maxwell's gaze that stared at her. He leaned in the door way of his room arms crossed shirtless only wearing a pair of pj pants. Maxwell chuckled and Pauper smiled hearing it...It was good to hear his laughter.