Paper Wasps


Build our houses just to watch them burn

Constant drama, will we ever learn?

Find my faults because you're used to pain

I show them so I can live again


You're an algebra situation

Ex's and whys solve the equation

Believe lies horrible is the truth

You can be angel but deny proof


You are so stubbornly building a cage

Bees sting once while wasps have unlimited rage

Call me godless judge me high and mighty

Distressed Damsel, I was trying to be knightly!


Makes me sound like the better one

As you laugh at your bitter fun

I know my faults I am trying to fly is all

You turn things so my sky flips and I fall


God! I can't escape the gravity of you

Why is it my thorns that you choose

To focus on instead of my scent

This heart isn't broken it's just been bent