That's Good Right?

Lorna Dwyer October 2005

What do I like about myself?

You had to ask me this.

There are good things about me.

I'll tell you those instead.

My subconscious always dealing,

Things I can't think about

Get sorted in there first.

That's good right?

My diplomacy is another

I can change a conversation

When I know it will be trouble.

That's good right?

My poetry is good too.

I write it without thinking

It's always what I feel.

That's good right?

But what I like about me?

That's harder then good.

Do I like these things?

Do I really?

They come in handy,

They've gotten me through.

I love my poetry.

But is it really me?

I see it as a tool to make.

I don't know if it's me.

Maybe I just don't

Like me at all.