My Love

I've learnt, my love,
I've learnt from you.
Every detail about you,
That I didn't want to know.

But what about you, my love, what about you?
You say you have too, but then why,
Do you still look at me
With those hopeful eyes?

It's hopeless, my love,
For the scars inherits my heart.
So close you eyes, and I shall close my heart,
Together, we treasure our memories, that is now
The past.

Author's Note: Thought up at a bus top. NOT personal experience. Inspired by the song 'Goodbye, My Love'. If you haven't figured it out by now, the things they both 'learnt' isn't the sameā€¦ the girl learnt to not trust the guy, while she says he hasn't learnt that she'll never forgive him.