Shoot To Score

By xms-poeticc

It's what all the male basketball players in my school hopes for.

The diamonds in their everything, their face on sneakers and wide screen television screens, the girls throwing themselves onto the ground their new Jordon kicks walk on.

You will never find more drama queens in the streets then what a single basketball game can offer you.

Player 23 takes it up court; he has the girl he's going out with from the home team fighting with the one from the visiting team while their friends are going wild for him. It's the excitement rushing through his blood that keeps him going even at 7:15 in the morning as he takes that bus out of Kunkletown.

Gotta keep focus, stay in the game.

"Yo, Williams man, pass the ball!"

The guard moved out of his place and is now on the left of him calling his name. He won't give up the ball though, not this time. You miss a shoot and the whole team is dogging on your game but if you get it in. That perfect semi-circled swoosh that can undo a girl's weave, then you're the man.

"C'mon pass the ball, what's in your head, Williams?"

There are at least five guys on him but he's too far away from the basket to make the left handed double dunk he's been working on for the pass three weeks.

–already it's too late for that.

Someone breezes by him with the ball and goes down the court until the other team scores. It can't be helped. They might pull in a win but the first two points in a starting game mark you in the hall of the school.

He could have been the man; but now he's just another person on the team.

A little overly emotional, I know, but I've read worst stories of people that would even kill someone to be the best basketball player on a team and then go on to the NBA. It's really sad sometimes how climbers can turn a fun game into some kind of war. Honestly, just play for the fun of it.