Five years. It had been five years since they started this tradition. Every summer they would all commune to the castle where the entire odyssey started. It wasn't like they didn't always see each other now and then, but to have everyone together was a rare thing. So much had happened during the years and they joined for few weeks every year to talk about what was going on currently and reminisce about things past and bring the newer additions to the table up to speed as to the story of how the world came to be the way it is now. They always kicked off their stay together with a large feast. Everyone around the large round table talking and laughing, the dining hall was never silent.

First, there was Fortuna. She had long since abandoned the name Toxity. She had decided that the name was juvenile and she grew out of it. She helped to modernize the world of Terrde'caos, and still worked hard to help them make their own advancements. Despite her fiery and agitated background, she loved being a technological innovator, already their world was starting to over take the other world in advancements. Fortuna's face was older as she sat at the five year reunion, more content. Her experiences had led to her becoming a little more fleshed out, she was no longer as thin as she used to be. This was no loss to her, compared to what she gained, which was much more than weight. Besides, she knew someone who was in love with the added definition to her curves. Her bright red hair, never lost its vibrancy, in the years to come, it would retain its color well past the age when others' hair has turned grey. Her dark eyes still smoldered when she was near others. Fortuna's creamy skin, her dangerous smirk, and her passionate personality still remained, making her as irresistible as ever, and still over took the heart of Raye, who became inexorably attached to her.

Raye was sitting in the seat next to her, his red hair still over his eye. In the coming years, the eye he always kept covered would be rendered completely useless. He never lost his jovial demeanor, but he was a little more reserved with the maturity that comes with age. He, like Fortuna had worked to modernize their old home. Raye traveled back and forth between the two worlds and tirelessly taught the scientists and scholars how everything worked. It required much study on his part, and he often worked with Fortuna for days with the same group.

He had always held a special spot in his heart for the girl, and one day, as they mulled over a lesson plan, he declared his undying love for her and asked her to marry him. She knew that he cared for her, but she had never believed that their relationship would ever progress beyond being boyfriend and girlfriend. She easily shrugged his intentions off and continued her work, but he did everything within his power to help her understand his feelings. Eventually, after several awkward moments in the classroom, some resulting in Raye getting his face bashed in, Fortuna realized that he was serious about her. She finally admitted to her own feelings and consented to the arrangement.

Fortuna and Raye were married two years before Nigel and Mireya were and they became a regular pair of inventers. They easily created amazing contraptions and corresponded with the others to show off their creations. They also continued to write music together. When the Sol Razors got together to play again, which they always did at least once every year, Raye would show them the songs that the two of them wrote. The devotion in the relationship was apparent, especially in the eyes of their son, whom they named Raven.

Raven was about eight at the time of the five year celebration, his hair was as red as his parents. His green eyes were sharp and observant like his father's, his smile burned and seduced like his mother's. Raven was a bright and mischievous boy, interested in building, climbing and playing music with his father and mother. The child smiled as he heard tales of the pet name Raye used to call Fortuna.

"Tuna-fish!" he echoed as his tiny voice turned into peals of laughter. He gazed over the table at his aunt, Rune as she winked playfully at him.

Rune hadn't changed much. She would have still been termed a sexy teacher, had she remained one. Instead she was the cool and collected army commander. It was hard to find a place in Terrde'caos where Rune wasn't heard of. She squelched hundreds of rebellions and attacked so forcefully that she had been earned the title "Sword of the Chaos Children." Her troops admired her, not just for her looks, but for her effectiveness in battle. She didn't cower in the tents like other officers did, she was there, in the fray, wiping the floor with her enemies' faces. Her harsh lifestyle led to several severe wounds, and bone fractures. However weathered she became, her face was still gentle, her movements graceful. Rune's body was covered in scars and muscle, but her inside was warm and inviting. Her blonde hair was still short at that reunion and her blue eyes were pale and illuminating. She listened quietly to the stories that floated gaily through the air, and winked knowingly at her nephew as he inquired after the validity of them. Her wink said everything and she was glad their communication could be so subtle. She was that way with everyone she cared about, especially Dorian.

Dorian was sitting one seat away from her glancing over at her smiling face. He was, for once in his life relaxed and happy. He, like Rune had weathered many battles, his face which was once termed serene indifference, was now a wall of harshness, and power.

At least, on the surface that's what would appear, especially given the scar that crossed his left cheek. However, those that knew him well would say that he was anything but. His sandy skin had gotten darker from spending months out in the sun, his body was also covered in scars, and his shoulders had gotten broader and more intimidating from all the fighting, but he had learned to find the gentler side of himself. While he was with Rune, he learned to find the compassion in his heart. It had started to surface before, but when he was with her, it flourished. Even if it was simply a short conversation in between battles, he found warmth in his heart to bestow mercy with an enemy if they so deserved it.

Over the years he had grown to love and respect Rune, and as the battles and rebellions began to subside, Dorian pursued her more actively. She responded favorably and they grew very close. Their marriage was simple, however, the service was crowded with soldiers and trainees who wished them well. Rune and Dorian were a well rounded, laid back couple.

Their calm demeanor had been passed on to their twins, Arina and Logan. Both five years old, they were curious and quiet children. Arina was an avid reader and enjoyed contraptions of all sorts. Needless to say, she enjoyed visiting her aunt and uncle. Her eyes were light brown, her skin light and sandy, her hair long, curly and dark. She had her father's smile and her mother's gaze, which made her almost instantly likeable.

Her brother, Logan was disciplined to a fault. He loved his parents' military background and was fascinated with training his body to take his father's place in the military. He already was the youngest military trainee in the world, and he was a remarkable fighter at such a young age. For his mother's sanity, the older cadets wouldn't let him go on more dangerous missions until he got better, but from what the others saw, that wouldn't be long.

They giggled as they glanced over at their Aunt Fortuna. Arina switched her gaze to her parents' friend Tag as he adjusted his silver rimmed glasses on his face. He caught her eye and smiled.

Tag was still a serious student of everything. He studied everything about both worlds extensively, making him a leading scholar. He often worked with Fortuna and Raye when it came to technology. However, he was very interested in the power of chaos children to ignore the laws of time and space. Tag spent months researching before he was able to add to Artemis' findings. He found that people in the other world, the world where the sun and moon had always rotated were all chaos children in one way or another. They hall had the ability to ignore time and space, they just lacked the control, training and will to do so, although there were always acceptations to the rule.

While he was researching the chaos children of the other world, he stumbled upon a remarkable discovery. For every change a chaos child made in the past, if there was one who ever decided to do so, there was an alternate timeline created. Thus, he concluded, that the timeline that Patina left was still going on. Through much training and a little assistance from Artemis, Tag gained the ability to travel through the different timelines. Each timeline brought its own surprises. There was one where Artemis himself was the forsaken chaos child who destroyed the world. Anther brought him face to face with his deceased brother Stephen, and that shook him greatly. However, he found one world in which there was complete pandemonium. It was there he found his future wife.

Her name was Kirare. She was from a tribe of people who were known to travel time and various timelines frequently. Through his stay with her tribe he learned much. Tag learned how to figure out where and when he was in the world, and above all how to get home, no matter where he was. The chief informed him that Kirare was a "chosen" child. She was not destined to stay with the tribe. So when he left, Kirare left. They went on many adventures through more timelines, before they returned to Tag's timeline of residence. It was there that their relationship really took off. Tag studied night and day and she aided him as best she could. Kirare was a dancer by trade and she traveled time by using her dances. Tag studied her moves and learned that there was a certain pattern and a certain concentration of power that went into those dances that effected the way she manipulated the world around her.

They married eventually, and at the time of the five year reunion they had no children to speak of yet. Tag's round face had long since gotten angular, and his blue eyes hid a vast amount of knowledge. His eyes were a bit worse for wear because of the constant studying, hence he wore his glasses full time. He had all the workings of a bumbling professor, which he quite often was. He gave lectures at many different academies and places of learning. Tag was popular among the students, mainly for his entertaining stories and his beautiful wife. Kirare had skin the color of deep honey and warm hazel eyes. Her dark hair hung in a sultry way about her heart shaped face. Her lips were small and her smile gentle. Kirare's dark eyelashes and quiet ways made her mysterious and amazing to the students to whom Tag lectured. However, she was something that they could look at but not touch. For whenever too many of them asked her questions she would quietly slip her hand into Tag's and gaze at them silently.

Even in the midst of such friendliness, she only nodded in silence. They all knew she was happy, anyone who knew her, could tell that. Her hand was protectively over her pregnant stomach and she smiled over at Tag as he gazed over at Rune's daughter. He turned to her and kissed her cheek. She giggled a little and turned her attention to Tag's teacher and master, Artemis.

Artemis, Sylvia and Phoebus all were living contentedly in their own palaces, as their children ran the entire world for them. This was an unexpected turn the plans they had always envisioned for their children. However, all three were willing to live with the changes.

Artemis and Sylvia had to make up for lost time. They read together and went for long walks in their courtyards. Phoebus established an academy for the musically inclined, and enjoyed his students very much. The entire academy felt it a treat when the Sol Razors played every year before the final exams. All three of the former rulers found much enjoyment in meeting with the adoptive parents of their children. The Lauderdales and Moraleses were also set up quite nicely in their own villas and grew accustomed to life in Terrde'caos. They occasionally longed for their life in the other world, but a visit would always do them well.

Needless to say they were all proud of the two children they raised. They all couldn't help but smile at the picture of happiness that was Nigel and Mireya at the head of the table.

They had been through so much, but there they were. Even after all these years, they were like day and night. However much had changed from the time they were seventeen. He was no longer just Nigel Lauderdale he was now Emperor of Terrde'caos, ruler of the world. Gone was the boy, and here was the man. His hair was never as long as it was before he cut it, but he had enough of that rich black hair to satisfy him. His skin was still pale, but he hardly seemed cold or fragile for it. His steely grey eyes were no longer cruel and distancing, but inviting and understanding. The girl who was Mireya Morales was now a woman, her golden blonde hair a cascade down her back. Her skin still looked like she was kissed by the sun, although she had less freckles now. The sun still shown in her eyes, and her personality still bewitched everyone she met. There was no way anyone could dislike their empress, that is unless they were an extremely cynical and depressing sort of person, which there were plenty of among the nobility.

However, one must make note of the delicate child whom Mireya held in her arms. The baby was only about a year old, a girl with red eyes. Yes, this baby was indeed Patina. It seemed she was always destined to be Mireya and Nigel's first child. However, this Patina felt the love and hope that was exuberated around her. She was never lonely, her hair was not grey like her predecessor's, but a rich black like her father's. This baby was the same person who had, years ago, tried to end her parents' life in a desperate attempt to bring them happiness out of despair.

However, this Patina would learn something that the other was too blind to see. In death there is no pain, but there is no happiness either. The best way to bring about happiness to those you love is to let them live. Let them enjoy their life with you. Chaos can bring bitterness and loneliness, but when endured with those you love it can bring adventure, fun and allure to your life.

The End

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