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Chapter II

Rune and Toxity sat comfortably in their apartment. Toxity watched her sister as she systematically read a stack of books at her side. Rune didn't enjoy books the way most people did, relishing in the imagery and wonder the stories held. She didn't even take in historical facts like others did. It was all data, information to be stored and processed when needed. Toxity had grown accustomed to her sister acting like this. To her students Rune was hardly dull, she took on a different face for them. However, when with her sister, the blonde woman was herself, cold, abrasive and robotic. Toxity only vaguely remembered a time when Rune was always the way she was with her pupils, when she was warm and inviting and eager to aid her younger sister in all her ventures. But that was long ago, and Toxity didn't think it would ever be the same again. Not that she didn't wish for it to be the way it used to be, the way it was before…

"Why are you staring at me?" Rune said flatly, her voice devoid of annoyance or even a hint of emotion, "Are you ill?"

"No…it's nothing, Rune" Toxity said. There was silence.

"You're worried about Nigel, aren't you," the older girl said. Toxity started.

"W-what?" she stammered. Rune closed her book.

"It's obvious that you're attracted to him," the blonde girl continued, "You're jealous of the attention he gives Mireya."

Toxity was instantly on the defensive, "That's not—"

"You're jealous of the attention, yet you love his cruelty toward her," her sister continued in her monotone, "you love the way he won't even look at her when you're in his presence. You feel superior to her, he empowers you and all you want to do to that girl is drive her lower, so that you can feel that way always."

"Rune!" the red head shouted. The older girl picked up her book and began reading again.

"You're a strange one sister," she said simply. Toxity was angered by her sister's statements. It was true that she liked Nigel, she was worried that the recent developments in the game had only brought Nigel and Mireya closer instead of apart as they had expected.

"Don't worry, the rift will come," Rune said suddenly. Toxity glared at her sister and left the room. The red head didn't like it when her sister read her every gesture as though she were a book in her exhaustive stack. It left the younger girl irritated and vulnerable, and she hated those feelings.

'I'm a warrior, and she forgets that,' the red headed girl thought as she stormed to her room. Rune's face remained unchanged as she read her book. 'I know full well you're a fighter, my dear sister,' Rune thought, 'But it's you who forget what I am. I'm more than a tactician.'

The agitated silence filled the apartment. The older girl took no note.

I am the general. I am your superior.

Nigel had second thoughts as he picked up the phone to dial Mireya's number. Toxity had called him a few minutes ago asking to go out to his favorite coffee shop. He was only too happy to oblige, however, it was the exact same time he promised Mireya that they'd go to the movies together. He always felt bad when he did this to her, but…now that he really thought about it, there were no justifications for his actions. However, he had to do this. The dark haired boy dialed here number quickly and the phone rang.

"Hello?" the Mireya's happy voice on the other side sang. Nigel winced, he really was going to feel bad about this…

"Mireya…about later…" he began.

"You're going somewhere else with your other friends?" she said, "That's okay, I'll just go. We can talk about it on our way to school on Monday."

He almost hated the fact that she knew what he was calling for. He hated that this had become a routine she had gotten used to. Mireya was too good a person to be stuck with someone like him. The dark haired boy said good bye and hung up the phone. His mother gazed at him sadly.

"I know that look," she said crossing her arms, "You always have that look when you leave Mireya to fend for herself."

"Mom…not now," he said. Mrs. Lauderdale crossed her arms and leaned against the door jamb.

"You always beat yourself up about this! Why do you leave her alone if it upsets you so much?" she asked.

"Mom, I can't change it, there's nothing I can do," he said. His mother shook her head.

"There's a lot you can do, you just don't want to do it," she said.

"I'd give anything if I could just stop hurting her, but I can't," Nigel replied in a defeated tone, "You just don't understand, I'm a terrible person."

"I didn't raise a terrible person," Mrs. Lauderdale said, and she left the room. Nigel stared at his reflection in the mirror for a few minutes. His mother had no idea of what he had become. How could Mireya want to be friends with a person like him? He allowed himself to hurt her so many times…

The black haired boy shook his long tresses and sighed. One day he would become a person worthy of Mireya's friendship. One day he would be able to discern what was going on behind the bright expression on her face.

Nigel had always done things like this to Mireya. In fact, Mireya really didn't expect to see the movie with him at all, and had prepared to go by herself the whole time. She hadn't even mentioned going to the movies with Nigel to her parents at all. They were worried when she said that she was going to see Sylvia Whiteman's movie alone, being that she was only recently attacked and all. Mireya begged to go until they consented at last.

She never expected much in terms of keeping engagements when it came to Nigel. It all started years ago, right after Nigel was adopted by the Lauderdales. They were about eight years old, and Nigel knew that Mireya had a hard time getting away from her foster family. She asked if she could meet him at a park down the street from her current home. He agreed, and Mireya was overjoyed. However, Nigel was invited to his friend's hockey game and he went, forgetting about his promise to meet Mireya. She waited for hours in the cold, and when it began to snow she trudged home. She cried that time, however, she wasn't angry, just very hurt. Mireya dismissed that time as a mere slip of the mind, and didn't dwell on it much.

Gradually, as they got older, the blonde girl realized that Nigel was choosing his other friends over her deliberately. This hurt her, but over time, the pain subsided. That first time Nigel had forgotten her led to her catching pneumonia and she ended up having to go to the hospital. Nigel got the Lauderdales to take him to her, and he begged for her forgiveness. No matter what happened, no matter how badly he had made her feel, he always came back to make it up. Mireya was sure that somehow the two of them had an unhealthy relationship, but it didn't really bother her much. She knew that Nigel cared, and that if they didn't stick together they'd never discover the secret of their past. In the blonde girl's mind, there wasn't a better person to be stuck with.

Mireya left the house for the movies. Her mother insisted on driving her, although Mireya was fully capable of driving herself. However, to give Mrs. Morales peace of mind, Mireya allowed her mother escort her to the movies. There was amiable chatter between the two of them as the mother took her daughter to her destination. Mrs. Morales watched the slip of a blonde girl enter the swinging glass doors and left.

As the older woman drove away, she decided to splurge a little and buy some of her daughter's favorite tea. Nigel had bought it for her at this coffee shop he liked. As she pulled in, Mrs. Morales saw Nigel sitting there with a cup of coffee and a beautiful girl with bright red hair. Mireya's mother only raised her eyebrows and walked in. Nigel didn't notice her, his grey eyes were fixed on the black ones of the girl in front of him. The tea was purchased, and as Mrs. Morales turned to leave, she was greeted with the sight of the dark haired boy caught in a passionate kiss.

'Humph,' Mrs. Morales thought, 'He's here with Little Miss Quick and Easy and Mireya's all alone…"

She dismissed the incident, but was very curious to ask Mireya what she knew about Nigel and his little friend.

Toxity looked agitated when Nigel went to pick her up. She jumped in and just urged him to drive as fast as he could. Nigel knew better than to ask what was wrong and complied with her statement. She complained about her sister, knowing that Nigel wouldn't understand her resentment toward Rune. To him she was the darling Miss Wilde, incapable of any offense. Nigel only smiled and shook his head, not understanding all the things she said, but he let her vent.

Toxity didn't quite understand all the reasons she loved Nigel. She guessed she loved the fact that he understood her outlook on life. The people in this world they lived in, they were insipid and stupid. They lay their dirty laundry out to fester in the hot sun that was the societal lens. Why did the stench of everyone's problems have to be laid out for all to see? Toxity and Nigel preferred to keep their problems silent, their issues would stay hidden until they resolved themselves.

Nigel allowed her to vent as he bought them both coffee. Toxity stared at the black haired boy as he sipped his coffee. For years she had suffered under the silence of her sister's indifference, her cold demeanor. Nigel was the first to take an interest in her. Not the abrasive front she displayed at school, but her, the real person, the girl whose name few other people knew.

"Nigel..." she said as she ran her index finger over the lid on her coffee cup. He gazed at her gently, those grey eyes stirred something in her heart. If only he knew all that she was involved in.

"Tox, is something wrong?" he asked, rubbing her shoulder. She sighed gripping her cup tightly.

"So much is going on…there's so much I could tell you," Toxity replied, "But I can't…"

He smirked, "Don't worry about it, if you don't want to tell me, don't."

Nigel stroked her hair. She took his hand and brought it to her face. His skin felt so good against her face.

"Nigel…" she whispered. Toxity leaned her face closer to his. They were so close and all she wanted was to be with him, to bring him closer to her. She carefully planted a kiss on his lips. Maybe now he'd know how much she cared about him.

Neither knew of the pair of icy blue eyes that watched them. In the shadows she watched, and in the shadows she departed. Rune left the pair to their own devices. Things were a bit shaky before, but the stage was set for a new game.

The movie was better than Mireya expected. Sylvia Whitman did amazing as usual. The film was called Sun Kissed, it was about a woman named René who lived in Hawaii and loved surfing. She ends up having to move to New York City, and she gets depressed with the lack of scenery and the cold weather. René befriends an underground rock star and he shows her the fun side of New York. To top off her excitement over the movie, a song from Sol Razors was featured. She couldn't have been any happier with the whole experience. Her favorite scene was when René's friend took her out to a beach in Long Island, where there were waves for her to surf on. She decided to teach him and when they took a break they lay out on the sand and talked about things.

"Hawaii was like sun kissed paradise…" René said to her rock star friend, "But here the sun is filtered, stronger and harsh."

Mireya liked that line for some reason, she decided she would remember it for a reason she wasn't quite sure of. She waited for her mom to come and pick her up. The blonde girl reached for her CD player to play the Sol Razors. She started when she realized that it was gone. Where had she left it? Mireya thought for a moment, and then she remembered. She left it at Nigel's house. The girl took out her cell phone and dialed her mother.

"I'll have to have her swing by so I can pick it up," she said. She was attached to their music for some reason.

The Sol Razors were around for a long time. The band was started by the front man and lead guitarist Phoebus Chapman when he was seventeen. The band built a strong resumé of underground hits before original members left for one reason or another. Phoebus was in his late thirties when he started teaching teenagers how to play guitar. It was then that one of the original members, Alan Moody the former drummer, returned from Great Britain, with his son, Raye Moody, an eighteen year old, who already had a good handle on playing the guitar, just needed some fine tuning. Raye's skills increased, and he ended up taking up the bass guitar.

Raye was in a band with the sons another former member of the original Sol Razors. Gregory Schaeffen, the bassist had two sons. Stephen Schaeffen, the oldest, was the lead singer and guitarist, and Tag Schaeffen, the youngest, was the drummer. Stephen and Tag were highly talented and their garage band gained a decent amount of praise form the older rockers. However, a tragic accident left Tag with a broken leg and a nasty scar on his right arm, but left Stephen dead. After a year of heartache and rehabilitation, the fractured band found the strength to play again.

Raye and Tag went to Phoebus' studio to try and find their muse. Without a front man, the two felt incomplete. When the older man saw this, he picked up his guitar and began singing the sound was so amazing that they decided to start a new version of the Sol Razors. Phoebus had no desire to take Stephen's place in their band, and it had always been a dream of the two boys to be part of a legendary band. The band was set, new they needed to practice, and create.

Coming up with a new album wasn't hard. There was still so much pain, and Pheobus had become a bit of a father figure to them throughout the whole process. Their first CD together, called Mentor, was an expression of all these things: the loss, the hurt, and the healing. Sol Razors was reborn, the older members were impressed and it took the underground rock scene by storm.

They had been playing for five years and had put out another album and constantly played in lounges and gave small concerts. Phoebus turned forty five, and continued to be a father figure to both of the younger boys as they all created amazing music. Raye turned twenty five and was a favorite among the female fans of the band, and Tag, only fifteen, was the reason the older members stayed away from drinking too much and smoking. Raye and Phoebus decided to take care of Tag as best the could since his brother didn't live long enough to do so.

Recently, Sylvia Whiteman asked if she would allow the producers of her film to feature one of their songs in her movie and its soundtrack. This was a big break for them and they were approached by a record company executive for a deal. This was not just any record company executive, it was S.M.R. Heat, a retired rapper turned producer who was looking for variety in his artists. Impressed with their talent, he offered to sign them.

Sol Razors were poised and ready to make their mark on the music world.

Nigel felt strange. Usually getting a kiss from a girl he liked would put him on cloud nine for days. Now he just felt…nothing. He liked Toxity, he loved her even, but for some reason that kiss didn't seem to fill his heart. He pushed his black bangs out of his face as he drove home from dropping the red headed girl off at her apartment. Images of Toxity flashed before his mind. He should be so glad about what was going on between two of them, but why was he so upset? He pulled into the driveway of his house. He saw a familiar car in front of him. It was Mrs. Morales' car. Why was Mireya there?

Mireya exited the front door of his house holding a CD. She was so unaffected by his avoidance of her, she really was naïve to a lot of things going on around her. She got in the car with her mother and started to drive off. The dark haired boy rested his head against the steering wheel.

"I'm such a black hearted fiend," he said, "I left her hanging and I enjoyed myself, knowing how I disappointed her."

Nigel entered his house. His father was home finally, and he and Nigel's mother were sitting on the couch reading the paper.

"Nige, I hear that you stood up Mireya, again," Mr. Lauderdale said, "Who'd you stand her up for this time?"

"Toxity…" Nigel answered, "She and I are now officially a couple."

Both his parents looked up in surprise.

"Oh, really?" his mother said, "That's nice, be sure to have her over sometime."

Nigel rolled his eyes, "Why so you can judge her and tell me how much you don't like her?"

"No, so that we know who she is," Mrs. Lauderdale explained.

"Sure, that's what you say now!" the dark haired boy shouted, "This all a ploy so that you can squelch a relationship I feel strongly about!"

His father slammed his paper down.

"Stop this nonsense, right now Nigel," he said firmly, "We only want to know who she is, we'll leave you to make your own decisions about your relationship. We do this because we love you."

Nigel breathed heavily and walked upstairs. The Lauderdales exchanged glances.

"He's just so 'tormented', huh?" his mother said returning to her paper. His father sighed.

"If only he knew about half the problems that real life holds," he said.

"I think it's time that you and Nigel had a nice weekend together," Mrs. Lauderdale said. Her husband nodded.

"I think so," he agreed, "I'll go up to him in right now and ask him if he wants to go play hockey this weekend or something."

Nigel was seething. He couldn't believe that his parents were trying to do this to him. He loved Toxity, and now they wanted to have her over, and get all in his business. Why couldn't they just leave him alone to love the red headed girl as he pleased? There was a knock on his door.

"Leave me alone," he spat. His father opened the door anyway. Nigel glared at him as he entered.

"I don't want to talk, so go away," the dark haired boy said. His father grabbed him by the collar.

"You act like you've got so many problems," the older man said, pulling him up so they were eye level with each other, "You want problems? You're about to have a whole bunch of them."

The older man balled up his hand into a fist and hit Nigel squarely in the jaw. As the dark haired boy fell to the ground, he held the side of his face gingerly.

'I seem to have a knack for getting kicked around this week,' he thought as he stood up.

"Dad, what's going on, this isn't like you," the boy said as he held out his arm defensively. He heard footsteps coming up the stairs. His father smirked devilishly, the expression warped his face in a way Nigel was sure wasn't human.

"You're not my father!" he shouted. Outside he heard his parents shouting as they banged against the door.

"So, you're not completely stupid," the man said, his voice distorted, "You want to protect them?"

"No!" Nigel cried, "Don't touch them!"

The man placed his hands on the door and they began to glow.

"I don't have to touch them to do what I want to do," he said. An explosion ripped through the house. When Nigel opened his eyes, he saw his parents, unconscious and in bad shape. His father had been pushed straight back by the force and had been sent sailing over the banister onto the staircase, where he lay in an unquestionably painful position. Nigel was horrified when he saw his mother. The door had been shattered into large pieces, and one sharp piece had lodged itself in her chest. Both had severe burns on their bodies.

"Mom!" he shouted reaching for her, as he heard her gasps. The man had turned into a creature, human like in appearance, but his features were so warped, he hardly could be termed a person. There was no sign of a conscience in his eyes.

Nigel knew he had to do something, but what?

Mireya and Mrs. Morales heard the explosion, and turned around. The house was dark, but Mireya knew something was wrong and she knew that she was the only person who could help them. She closed her eyes and got out the car.

"M-Mireya!" her mother shouted.

"Call for help mom, I'm going in!" she cried. The blonde girl ran in. She gasped when she saw the scene inside the house. Nigel's door had been blown to oblivion, Mr. Lauderdale lay unconscious on the stairs. She carefully picked her way around his broken body as she went upstairs.

"Nigel?" she called. Mireya screamed as she saw Mrs. Lauderdale with the piece of wood in her chest.

"Mi…Mireya…" she whispered. The blonde girl knelt by her side.

"Don't say anything, Mrs. Lauderdale, save your strength," she said.

"Tell Nigel that I…I love him," the older woman said, "I love him as though he were my own flesh and blood. I always have…"

"Mrs. Lauderdale…" she whispered. She removed the wood from the woman's chest. It went against all the experience she had with first aid, but something told her to take it out. The blood gushed from Mrs. Lauderdale's wound. Mireya closed her eyes and clasped her hand on the older woman's hand.

"Sun Kiss," she said softly. A warm light enveloped the woman and her wound closed and her burns were gone. She sat up in surprise.

"Mireya…" she began, "How did you…?"

The blonde girl shook her head, "I don't know, but I'd better go heal your husband before it's too late."

She ran over to the older man and repeated the process. Mr. Lauderdale got up, his broken bones completely healed.

"Get out as fast as you can, I'll go get Nigel," Mireya said. They reluctantly complied and Mireya ran upstairs. She had only gotten halfway up when Nigel was tossed out of his room and into the hallway. He was badly beaten, and he when he saw Mireya he ordered her to leave him. She ignored his request and continued up the stairs.

"Nigel, what happened?" she asked. He pushed her away.

"Stay back!" he cried. A strange creature rammed him into the opposite wall. Mireya screamed in fear as Nigel was forced through the wall. The creature turned to her.

"Mireya!" he cried. The creature grabbed her by her neck.

"Leave her alone!" he cried. His grey eyes became devoid of light as he clenched his eyes in anger. He held up his uninjured arm toward the monstrosity that was attacking Mireya.

"Oppressive Darkness!" he cried. The creature's shadow pulled him down toward itself and held him in place. Nigel clenched his fist. The shadow wrapped around him and the sound of crunching bone was heard. Mireya ran down the stairs to Nigel's side. He released his hold on the creature and panted in fatigue.

"Let me heal you," she said. He waved her away.

"No, I'll be fine," he said sharply.

"But…" the blonde girl began. Nigel interrupted her by grabbing her arm and dragging Mireya out into the night air.

"He's coming back," he said through clenched teeth.

"How? Didn't you destroy him?" Mireya asked. The creature's crushed body appeared in a silhouette in the doorway.

"Run!" Nigel cried. The creature barreled him into the side Mrs. Morales' car. The force sent it skidding into a tree. Mireya cried out in alarm. Her mother was still in the car!

"Mother!" she cried. Nigel pushed the creature off of him with a primal growl.

"That's it, it's over now!" he cried. He spread his arms out on either side of him and almost gripped the darkness in the night air.

"Oppressive Shadow!" he said pulling his arms together. The creature was overwhelmed by this assault, and faded into nothing.

Mireya ran to her mother's side. Mrs. Morales' head had been slammed so hard into the glass on the side door that it was almost completely shattered. Her mother's badly torn up face sent shockwaves of terror through Mireya's body. Mierya reached for the older woman's hand and tried to make use of her new healing powers. After a few frantic attempts, she realized that they didn't work. Mrs. Lauderdale had already started dialing the emergency room, and Mr. Lauderdale took Mireya in his arms as she broke into hysterics.

Seeing her in such pain made Nigel feel the need to help her. The ambulance pulled up and Mireya entered. The dark haired boy followed and sat by her side. She glanced at him, too preoccupied with her mother's plight to wonder why Nigel was coming with her. The Lauderdales told the two teens that they'd be at the hospital in fifteen minutes.

Time became an eternity filled with agonizing images and cries of pain. Despite all of this confusion, the only thing Nigel heard over the sound and the pain was Mireya's sobs.

Mrs. Morales had several severe bone fractures in her left arm, a few cracked ribs and her skull was badly crushed. The doctors assured Mireya and Mr. Morales that she would live, but she would never bee the same again. Both were devastated and Mireya spent a majority of the night with her forehead pressed to the glass, tears streaming silently down her cheeks. Nigel watched her stand there for hours at the dark room that held her mother. He knew what he had to do, but he was unsure if he was ready to do it. The dark haired boy sighed and put and arm around her shoulder. She buried her face in his chest as her body shook with sobs.

"It's okay…" he said softly, "Don't cry…"

He placed his hand on the glass. He took a deep breath and concentrated.

"Healing Shadow," he said. She gaped in amazement as the darkness in the room enveloped her mother and almost melted her injuries away. Mireya dried her tears and turned to Nigel.

"You…" she whispered, "It was…you."

Nigel was silent. The blonde girl looked up at him.

"It was you who healed me that night…" she said, "Why didn't you say anything?"

"I…I…" he began, "It's nothing, Reya."

She nodded and took his hand in hers.

"Thank you. You've done so much for me…" the blonde girl said, "I couldn't ask for a better friend."

She went down the hall to talk to her father. Mr. and Mrs. Lauderdale went over to their son.

"Nigel," his father began, "Your mother and I won't pretend to understand all the things that are going on with you kids. But we'll always be there for you."

Nigel nodded and his mother gave him a hug.

"Remember when I said I didn't raise a terrible person," his mother whispered, "I think that Mireya's words said more than I ever could."

Nigel looked at Mireya and her father. She saved his parents now he saved her mother. They both did something very important for each other that night.

Mireya always had trouble sleeping when something traumatic happened, like any other normal person. Music always helped her focus until her consciousness surrendered the lulling effect of the notes. Unsurprisingly, she listened to Sol Razors to fall asleep and this night was no acceptation. Her eyes fluttered under the mesmerizing bass line of their songs. She closed her eyes and let sleep relax her body and mind, the CD still spinning, playing a tune that stirred a long gone memory.

You're a genius, Bright Eyes, fill me with tales of the night…

His small lips curved into a smirk. Nigel raised his eye brow as he watched Mireya's face become etched in vexation. The chess board lay before the two children in Nigel's dimly lit room.

"I'm running out of pawns…" she sighed, "You're taking advantage of me because I can't see in here."

"No I'm not," he said, "The deal was, if I capture a piece, you tell me something about where you live."

Mireya pouted, "I'm not even good at chess…"

The boy clucked his tongue, and crossed his arms "Now pay up."

She huffed angrily, "Fine. Back in Eldia, there is a story about someone called the Shadow Monger."

"Shadow Monger?" Nigel repeated. Mireya nodded.

"He lives in the shadows and under your bed where he watches you with glowing eyes," she continued, "He wants desperately to eat your soul, he waits until you are alone in the dark, and then he gets you!"

Nigel grinned evilly.

"Draw the curtains completely" he said to a servant, "Close the door, and wait outside until we summon you."

The servant complied and did as instructed. Mireya was growing fearful. She had never been in a room this dark before.

"Nigel…" she whispered. There was no answer. She rubbed her arms anxiously, "Nigel…where are you?"

She heard rustling behind her. The blonde girl shivered.

"So…You're afraid of the dark?" a voice said. She stomped her small sandaled feet.

"This isn't funny!" she cried, "Nigel, stop it!"

"I'm not Nigel," he said, "I'm…"

A pair of bright luminescent eyes appeared next to her. She whimpered in fear.

"…the Shadow Monger!" he cried. Mireya screamed and fell off her chair. Nigel laughed and he ordered the servant back in. Nigel's vision was not completely reliant on the amount of light in the room, and he could easily see Mireya's tears as she trembled.

"I didn't know I scared you that much…" he said, "Hey…"

The boy took her in his arms, "I'm sorry. I'm very, very sorry."

"How can you do that?" she whispered.

"I won't do it again," Nigel assured her. The blonde haired girl sniffed and shook her head.

"No, how can you make your eyes glow?" she asked. He smiled and laughed.

"I'm not sure, I thought everyone could do that. Everyone in Ranul can, that much I know," the boy replied. Mireya shook her head wildly.

"Nuh-uh!" she cried, "Not me! How do you do it?"

He winked and stuck out his tongue teasingly.

"I can't tell you," he said, "Not until you capture another one of my chess pieces."

She climbed back on her chair and he did likewise. Mireya was determined to know more about this strange place called Ranul, and Nigel was equally as determined to find out more about Eldia.

Nigel jumped from his sleep. Was it a dream, or was it really an image from his past? He rubbed his head and closed his eyes. Speaking of his eyes, he still didn't understand that whole "eye glowing" thing. For as long as he could remember, he always could see pretty well in the dark, but his eyes never glowed. He sighed and went into the bathroom for a drink of water from the faucet. Since their house was trashed, they went over his grandparent's house. As he left his room, he gasped as he saw his reflection in the hallway mirror. His normally grey eyes were a silvery blue.

Nigel took a deep breath. He wanted to call Mireya, but he didn't want to wake her. As if she could read his thoughts, his cell phone rang. He ran to go answer it.

"Hello?" the dark haired boy said.

"Nigel?" Mireya replied on the other end, "I hate to wake you up, but…I just had this weird dream about when were younger…"

"Don't worry, you didn't wake me, I was already up," Nigel answered, "Go on, tell me."

"Well, we were playing chess and you captured another one of my pawns," she said, "And I told you a story about something called a 'Shadow Monger.' And then…"

"…I played a dirty trick on you," he finished.

"Yes! How did you…" she paused, "You had the same dream, didn't you?"

"Yes…and now my eyes are glowing in the dark," he added.

"Wow!" she squealed, "Do you know how you do that?"

Nigel chuckled, "I don't know."

"Hey, Nigel…I remember something from our conversation in the dream," she said.

"What?" he asked as he rubbed his eyes.

"I remember, the names of the places where we lived…" she said, "I lived in a place called Eldia…"

"And I lived in a place named Ranul," he said, "I remember that too."

"Well, now we have something to look for," Mireya said excitement hanging on her words, "I can't wait to find out more about our past."

"Well…I'm still a bit tired, I'm going to bed," Nigel said, "We can worry about our past in the morning."

"Yeah, I'm sleepy as well. Good night," she said.

"Night," he said softly and hung up. The dark haired boy sighed and put his hands in his head. He was attached to Mireya no matter what he did, this just solidified it. His thoughts traveled to the girl who held his heart, the red headed goddess who smoldered like fire in his soul. Nigel may have been attached to Mireya, but he loved Toxity. Her kiss still lingered on his lips and he savored the memory of her skin on his. He closed his eyes and fell asleep with dreams of Toxity's dark eyes and seductive smile.

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