It's times like this when I'm awake
Thinking about the words you've said
"God, you know she was a mistake
We should've just gotten rid of her instead"

Sometimes I wonder why you ignore me
'Do you hate me that much,' I wish to ask
It's like I'm a ghost that can't be seen
Or a villian who hides behind a mask

Rejection unfolds and I feel abandoned
'There's no hope left,' I keep telling myself
My parents are gone and look where I've landed
Holding onto no one, not even myself

When you hover over the solid ground
And you know that things wouldn't change if you fell
You keep wondering, 'Will they realize I'm not around?
Will they even think about saying farewell?'


And you know you're alone
No one to be beside you
You wonder, 'How could someone even know?
I'm the only one only one who ever knew'

(Group of Kids Say Together)
Caught in a web of lies
Abused by people I hardly know
I've been beaten and no one even tries
I keep moving forward; keep trying to let go
But how can you live if you have no one to hang onto?