Gasping for breath
Drowning in my own tears
Captured by these demons
Reliving every fear

Cuts fill my upper arm
Friendly voices inside my head
Telling the lies I've heard over again
They won't stop until I'm dead

Holding my breath again
Soft smoke fills the air again
Praying for life again
Will you forgive me again?

Vengenance is overpowering
Somebody rescue me
Bruises on my swollen heart
Bury me within the sea

Watching through the window pane
Small children playing today
Feeling the warmth of your breathing
Swallowing the sharp pain you made

Chorus (repeat x2)

Wasting my soul on you
You don't even love me
Why did I do those things for you?
Did you just want to see me in pain?

Chorus (repeat x2)

Holding your breath again
Rough smoke fills the air again
Screaming for life again
Will I forgive you again?