Why are you sad, love?
Everything is alright
Everyone is gone now
It's just you and me tonight

So many voices inside my head
Oh, I wish they would leave
They tell me that I should be alone
No one needs me

With you here beside me
It's so hard to walk away from you
I can't bear it anymore
What else can I do?
I don't want to be alone
Please, don't let me be alone

Soon your friends will come
And I will leave you
Don't worry about me now
I will come back to care for you

If only the voices inside my head
Left me alone for a while
Why do they tell me these lies?
I'm lost in this denial


It's too late; I'm lost already
Nothing seems right now
You've been lead to somewhere new
Into someone else's arms
And I've been left alone

Voices stinging in my ears
Telling me that I should be gone
Telling me to disappear
But I need you here with me
I can't stay here alone