Before Your Heart Turns Blue

Admit it
You still love me
Admit it
I'm all you have
Admit it
You know you need me
Don't let this take over you

I know you hate him
I know you wish you could stay away
But you can't leave me alone
I need you too

Come here now
Don't run away from me this time
I know you're afraid
I know you've already started to cry
Hold my hand
It'll be okay, I promise you
Hold on tight
Before your heart turns blue

Admit it
You can handle this
Admit it
You're stronger than him
Admit it
Things will get better
You can control this too

I can feel your pain
The stinging tears trailing down your face
Stop this denying
Soon it'll all be erased


Running away from this town
Releasing your pain within yourself
I see you hiding all your emotions inside you
Now's not the time to leave
You can't turn out like him
Don't let your heart turn blue