Once I had vision
I finally saw
All the pain and sorrow
You made me feel

I would drown in your sadness
While you laughed at mine
My heart was broken
Now everything is fine

The depths of your mind
Hold horrible thoughts
I've unleashed them through your heart
But now I've defeated you

You're lost in your world
Trying to find a soul to control
I will never need you again
I have beaten every sin

Within me, there's a light
No one can reach it but me
That light is broken tonight
You've destroyed me

Conquering every fear
Bravery is leaving your body
Fate brought us together
Destiny has ended my tears

Sound asleep, I am dreaming
Thoughts about you surrender
Cackles of demons fill my ears
I hear them in my slumber

I won't be broken
I won't give up anymore
I will never die again
I've felt more pain than this before

I've completed my goal
Sent you to your real home
A real hell, where you belong
Now I'm all alone...
Where I belong