Her baby blue eyes turn to crimson
As she cuts down deeply into her skin
Flesh is broken leaving her shattered
I've discovered her deadly sin

Abused by her parents when young
She was never confident in herself
Swift cuts of a blade upon the skin
She can only save herself this time

Demons posess young ones
Teach them to weaken others
She is yet another child seeking
For the passion she deserves
The light that she deserves
The family she deserves
The love she deserves
She's deserving you

Wandering through this world
She has nowhere to go
Sinlenced by the trauma she went through
Frightened and alone
Moments fly by, one by one
The death of her parents scare her
Who will love her now?
Who will be her rescuer?


Wealthy humans defeat her
(Not knowing what to do, she bleeds)
Tommorrow is a new day
(Not knowing what to do, she bleeds)
Choked by the tears that have fallen
(Not knowing what to do, she bleeds)
Past memories cause her to bleed
(She will always bleed)


With those crimson eyes of guilt
She will carry on
She will cut so deeply
Her destiny goes on
And as she bleeds...
She'll think of you

And as I bleed...
I will always think of you