Feeling for your hand
Nothing is found beside me
Trembles of fear fill my throat
And escape through my heart

I try so hard to see
Everything you try to show me
But somehow, I can't see
Please, tell me I'm not blinded

My shadow drifted away years ago
Leaving me alone in the dark
Holding my hand in the other
I reach to find something more

If I were to cry in front of you
Would you comfort me?
Save me and tell me I'm okay
But you refuse to tell me
For I am blinded

I see nothing at all
Nothing but the truth
But you wouldn't understand
What it's like to be like me

Ohhh, if you were as blind as me
I'd save you from everything
Why can't you do the same for me?
Please tell me I'm not blinded
Don't say it...please don't say it

I can't be blinded
I won't be blinded
I don't want to be blinded
Please say I'm not blinded