Broken Picture

A troubled mother
An agressive father
Living a sacred lie together
They can't handle another

Her beautiful smile
His demonic style
Loving for a short while
How will they accept a child?

Why won't they get along?
Have they known to long?
Is this idea all wrong?
Will the heir find where he belongs?

During her painful labor
He slept with his attractive neighbor
The birth of their newborn
The realtionship seems torn

His father could care less
The son left fatherless
How did this become a mess?
Filled with harm and distress

His life turned into pain
No shelter, just the bitter rain
Still he believes he's sane
The love he lost, he'll soon regain

He lies before his broken picture
His father died an amatuer
His mother died in failure
Too bad he couldn't see
Past his broken picture