The Super Mario series has 19 titles, and has sold a total of 174 million copies worldwide as of 2003.

Mario was originally called Jumpman and was a carpenter and not a plumber. He wears a hat because hardware limitations at the time would have made hair movement impossible.

(Trivia Compliments imdb.)

Mario - And his Place in the Canon of Post-Industrial Culture

Since 1983, Mario has been one of the archetypal figures of the video game industry. Spanning over 20 years and now heading toward twenty or more games, Mario is one of the most enduring and popular characters in the video game industry, and maybe even in art in general.

But just who is this "Mario" anyway? Why is it that the post-industrial world has taken such a liking to this Italian Plumber (originally a carpenter) from Japan? Perhaps there is more to this fellow, and his appeal, than meets the idea.

In the following essays, I will seek to introduce some facets of Mario that may reveal more about him—and the culture we live in—than you expect. Some of the ideas may be controversial, and maybe you won't agree on some points. However, either way, I bet you'll never look at Mario the same way again.