The endless waltz

The stars twinkle in the far off abyss in this forgotten realm. A calm breeze lingers in the air bringing both the smell of fresh pine and the ocean from the surrounding sea and forest with each blast. An ocean which vast depth's hold more secrets then life itself glitters in a black sun's light. And on the beach that surrounds the eternal blue surrounded by ocean and forest are two figures. Their motions a rapid blue, kicking up the jewel white sands of time.

Both are with out face or gender for they are the essence of all things. One an angel clad in white armor, its sword a blazing white fire. Though on its back however are the jet-black wings of a demon. The armor representing all the joys of life that makes life worth living, while the sword represents love and all its awesome fury. Though the black of its wings holds within them all the pain that love and life bring in its wake.

The second form clad in black armor holds a sword of dark red fire. But such as the first form so the second form's wings hold a different meaning within their pearl white feathers of an angel. Protected with the armor of death and wielding the sword of hatred, the second form flies with the wings of new life and love that death brings. Neither forms able to conquer the other for they would instant conquer themselves. So in on this beach forgotten by time and removed form reality, good and evil battle forever. Engaged by destiny into an endless waltz.

Hey there,

Decided to try my hand at orginal fiction over fan fiction for a bit. Not to sure of this story here I might just make it an opening to a larger story..don't know.