You would never deserve what you got

But in this cruel world

Deserving matters not

You should have lived

He should have suffered

Your daughter should not have been hurt.

Your son tried to save you

He's only a boy

He should have never seen

His mother broken

I remember you

You were a mother

Truly one of the best

"You know who I am"

You said

"You know who I am"

Your face was masked

But you were smiling

As you always did

I wish I did know

I wish I knew who you were

More than a mask

More than a face

More than dark visions;

Blood stained body

Lying lifeless on the floor


And you were gone

Your soul departed

Your body irreparably damaged

Gone forever


"Come back"

Your children call

To the distance heavens

"Bring her back to us!"

No one answers

Their pleas are silenced

They are left alone