An Ode to Mary Magdalene's Alabastron


Shift the snake inside, see it shimmer

Golden sun drop, an orb in your ab?

The Kingdom of Heaven IS within!

Waste not, grow fat with love


Light it up, fire the liars

Junk DNA is our hidden book!

Scientists say it is linguistic in nature

Learn the bird language nesting in your charka tree


LSD and Milky Way center phosphenes

They are the same, in and out & micro and macro

T. Leary and astronauts see similar

Same as cave art from our genesis.


Can we regain the keys?

Symbols and scents are signals ringing

Singing the creation of Jacob's Ladder

Breathe in Spikenard & Rose of Sharon


Raise the rose within, rise past thorns

Set seven wheels spinning, go to the top

Never cease seeking to become a being of light

Be pure, for God-making engines are we


I wrote this after listening to William Henry being interviewed about his latest book

About Mary Magdalene called "The , Dreamland radio show - do not go unless you are ready)

AND being inspired by Smokey Bear's works.

Jesus told Mary to "never cease to seek …" and so I won't.

The Alabastron is the alabaster BOX that Mary got her anointing oils.

The box representing our bodies, and the oil is the psychic lubricant winding down from our pineal glands. Our bodies were created as enlightening machines! Your body IS your temple!