"Dear Uncle"

Why couldn't you wait till sunrise

To see the hope of another day?

Why didn't you remember loved ones

Before you fell that way?

Did you not foresee the tears

In your daughters eyes?

Or the anger that followed

When you forgot your goodbyes?

What did you see before you died?

Your son's tired face?

Your own untimely disgrace?

Or the dark sky of midnight,

And a river's rapid pace?

Why was falling your only choice?

Why couldn't you get aid?

Life isn't just a shadow.

It lets you choose the shade

Life is a great gift

And you through it all away!

It should have been cherished!

But you through it all away!

I want to wish you happiness

But I'm reluctant to pray

To a god you didn't believe in

For a soul that wouldn't stay

I wish I could forgive you

But you've caused so much pain

And you don't even see it all;

The victims of your disdain!

So go to Hell! I say to you.

That's where you're meant to be;

Blinded by your own fires

So that you can never see

The life you took from yourself

That should have been a gift

The life with family and meaning

You were no longer willing to live

Your soul will never be satisfied

Your spirit will never rest

This is the curse you gave yourself

When you abandoned an honest quest

So leave me alone self-murderer

Let my soul and spirit be

Stop my mind from dwelling

Upon your worthless destiny!