"Who are you? Where are you!? What do you want with me?!" Almost mad by now and tearing at her hair, Natalie was slowly going mad but hers would not be the first case, or the last.

"The who isn't important" something responded "Where... I'm inside of you Natalie and by the time I leave you'll be nothing but a lifeless husk, your soul will belong to me. I want you and all those like you to die." was the wicked and demented response that always followed her frantic questions.

Three days later, her body was found crumpled in front of the vanity counter, her entire body had shut down. There were no medical records but there had been a handful of cases like this in the past. Every last one of the cases were homosexual and primarily female. The media shunned it, the police refused to investigate into it and worst of all, most everyone chose to completely ignore it.

Usually it was the media's job to be the defender of alternate lifestyles but something was keeping them disturbingly ignorant on this. The womens rights activists as well as the homosexual lobby had already been in an uproar for nearly two years. They tested the bodies for everything known to our kind then, drugs... negative, std's ... negative, new viruses... negative. It was baffling.

This is where I come in. When something goes so far under and nobody seems to be able to pick up a trail I'm the one that gets stuck on the case no matter how offensive or horrendous they are... or how they personally affect me. I'll state this, I really didn't care about anyone living a lesbian lifestyle, I'd actually hoped for them all to just die off some day but I was hoping for something that could, I'm not sure where I'm going with this, be traced not these deranged deaths where they were usually in prime of their lives, turning up dead on their neighbors doorstep.

To date there had been roughly 1,247 cases like this, of which only 3 had targeted homosexual males, the other 97 homosexual females. It was a slightly disturbing statistic, but as I said, I really didn't care that they were dieing off like plague ridden roaches on either end. I was not a nice soul back then and I probably never would be, it was my job to find and eliminate filth... and to me, most of these people fell under exactly that, filth. To bad my pay was based on me finding what was behind these events.

My name is Desert

I had a lover once, one who I cared for like noting else, sweet little Swedish coon, eyes as blue as the sky. It was one of those things where you'd look to us and be disgusted by how affectionate we were towards each other and we'd just both turn and smile to you. Pity that didn't last and it left my heart as solid as ice, leaving no room for sympathy. It all ended at a bullet point, her lover before me came... and took my loves life and I in turn snapped her neck. I didn't have it in me to kill her then, instead she's paralyzed from the neck down these days, living out the rest of her life at an asylum.

That'll at least give me some reason to dislike that lifestyle, when you leave a relationship like that, you need to make sure you've already pulled out all of the knifes in your back. They'll haunt you until the grave otherwise and may very well dig it for you as well. I hated cases like these but often got assigned to them, due to a knack of bringing out the most violent side of the guilty party imaginable just by being near them. It's not a gift by any chance, if anything it's a wretched curse, disgusting to no end... just like I see them.

But enough about my blatant dislike of lesbians in general, this is my story and no matter how disgusting it becomes, it is for me, the truth. The business at hand was fairly simple, find out how these girls had died and trace it back to wherever it was coming from, NOW was in an uproar about it, feminist activists were having a hay day and the gay rights community was feeling like something was pressing a knife up against it's jugular. No harm done by my accounting, but I don't do sympathy any more.

Tracking Time

It had long been hypothesized that furs, humans, and all living things in general on this planet were at one point "hive minded" every last one of us not thinking exactly for ourselves, but for the bettering of everything around us. One creature ate another because there was something gained for the all out of this choice, even the one being digested in some primordial soup. It was also thought that there were ways to tap back into this basic mind function, just that there were no proven cases of it and all of those that said they could were later proven certifiably insane.

Funny that they had all been "proven" insane, at least the ones that admitted it anyway. It's basic nature to fear regression or change in general, that's why there are still humans in this world who, unlike us, demand complete control over everything. That behavior goes back as far as their written records go and even then some while ours runs mostly parallel save for the base drive of animal instincts. Thank god for us.

Our thinking process varied, giving us major advantages in most fields though mankind's absolute fascination with mechanics gave them a blade to slash back at us whenever they felt threatened. They felt threatened nearly all the time and this little blip to them was meaning for rejoice, which they tried to spread into both communities. There were rallies and parades praising the end of homosexuality across the globe, that the sin of being attracted to the same gender was being purged. Bullshit.

The humans were always good at covering up their tracks, especially if it gave them another advantage over the various other species that had since become satient on the planet. The most disturbing one of them was the "Institute of Mentally Enhanced Humanoid Attendants" or IMEHA as political groups liked to call them. To the average joe on the street they were dubbed "mind slavers." One of their kind, if ordered to, could make an entire building pass out on a whim and was wholly the reason that everyone born with possible psychic traits was brought up by the humans.

In a way I suppose it was best they did that. A rouge psychic is not something I've often dealt with but I've run across one and nearly had my ribcage implode on me. Their instincts are pure, it's all they follow, if something does not flow the way they think nature should, it must be removed. Nasty little bunch and disturbingly powerful. Took me collapsing a twenty story building on that one to kill it... pity too, boy had a wonderful smile for a mutt.

I'd had the random thought cross through my head that there was possibly a connection between a rouge mind slaver and these deaths but usually psychics leave things there that a MRI or CAT scan will pick up, even on a corpse. Fried neural paths, severe damage to the brain structure, not a one of these things showed up on the autopsies.

Heh, pity. hunting down their kind was the greatest experience in my career, it gave me an appreciation of heightened senses and the mild bit of foreseeing I was capable of when operating on three adrenal glands pumping into my system. You don't mess with a mind slaver unless you want to die, or you have information that nobody else wants you to have. In any case, when they were done with you, everyone knew that they were done with you.

Lady in Black

My name is Charlote, I come from a very wealthy family, all old money and terrible amounts of it. For the past eight hundred years my family has been on every form of currency imaginable in some way or another, we were the founders of the most prestigious society on the globe. My family became the government during after the first uprising of "underdeveloped species" funnily enough it hadn't been the apes or dolphins who came about first, it was the wolves. We are shrewed, crass and kaniving if the need be and according to my families books, we needed to those days.

Our evolution into one of the primary species on the planet started off in an extremely awkward way, one of us learned to read. We were already more than aware of what humans said to us, even from the earliest days when there were human "super powers" the slanders we'd received during nearly eight million years of evolution made us snide to an extent but not judgmental, that was a human virtue. Nature kept our most basic needs in check and recently it'd started to take it's toll on me, from drooling at our gardener to staring uncomfortably at the wigged wolf thing that spoke to my father fairly frequently these days. Everyone in the house with at least a sloths nose knew exactly what my condition was and a good majority of them were just egging me on to screw the first thing that cough my fancy. I had my reservations, and my pride to maintain and decided to hold my dignity until this one passed.

I found it funny that, even though we did start out on four legs, like the humans, we now stood on two, bipedal and beautiful even in their strange eyes. Occasionally in the past I'd taken it on to toy with some of fathers delegates by sitting behind their chair and whispering enticing little things into their ears, knowing full well that father could hear and that we both could smell how easily lust took it's tool on those poor soft creatures. To me, it was a game, just like our past was a game to even the greatest of our kind.

From those first few little words out of a children's textbook, we were the next to accent on the land based intelligences. The dolphins, well... according to us, they were once kin so it held no surprise they and the citations became the powers of the oceans though why they never adapted a more land friendly body was beyond my knowledge. I always thought it as some form of joke they were playing on everything on land and was certain they thought the same about us. Weird creatures.

Ahh! Business. As I'd written down, our family had been the government of all intelligent species on the globe for some near eight hundred years now, save the humans... who hid themselves as often as possible and frequently took to cities floating above the clouds. Technological whores that they were. Most of us still on ground side were skeptical of them at best and probably always would be since they had some extremely destructive tendencies towards themselves and everything in their way.

I'd taken a habit of eavesdropping recently, on two sets of guests in particular, the wigged wolf thing and a very odd woman that tended to accompany him everywhere. She gave me a terrible sense of forbidding, never smiling, hair always tied back and dangling up against her solid black leather out form. The most I'd ever heard from her was a hushed "yes master" and to my best speculations she was a mind slaver, terribly disturbing to be around especially considering the only thing she did obey was that damned wigged wolf. I'm certain she could feel me but her companion obviously felt that I was not a disturbance. I never managed to get more than a few words out of those two. The other set... well the other set was the complete opposite.

They were always dressed in the most painfully vibrant colors, the males and females of both groups seemed to always be on edge and jumped at the slightest sound. Some of them were furs, some humans but judging by the outlook of it all they were all as gay as possible, or at least mostly so. I just wanted to hug the hell out of them all and tease every last one of them for giggles... then again I had tried that before, ended up getting my rump squeezed by a very butch lesbian and a dirty, though somewhat inviting glare from an equine boy of sorts, probably one of those that just came along with the group so he could stare and laugh. I could have sworn I saw two sets of paws in his hind pockets once, neither of them belonging to him, one to a tigress, the other to the most flamboyant looking lemur I'd ever seen. Grinning at that little group was all I could do, men, even in fur, should never wear that much lime green.

The four of them that my father tended to talk to, three of them were females, of whom only one was human and apparently was not too keen to keep their company and the male of the group a rather confused otter, frequently scratching his head and asking the others "Why should they do anything about it? it's not as if it's really effecting our side of the matter" I was tempted to laugh every time that all three of the women glared at him, those "eyes like daggers" making him quickly shut his muzzle and just let them express their concerns. Apparently they were all members of either NOW, the gay lobby, or the far far left wing of the feminist movement. I nearly gagged myself when I heard one of them comment this to my father "All sexual intercourse is rape Alexander, it's demeaning to women and it always puts men in a position of power, you've been guilty of it for the past thirty years!" the response always made me giggle though. My mother would be standing in the room, slip her leg up into dad's lap, slide down, stroking her long fingers across his cheeks before glaring back at them and asking "If it's rape, then why do I still love this pup?" before she'd stand up and walk back to take care of doing taxes.

That shut up the most obnoxious of them more efficiently than cutting out their tongues. It was always the same old speeches, concerns and blathering from that group, something about an ongoing plot to remove every last homosexual from the face of the earth and nobody caring enough to touch it. By my standards, they were absolutely right about nobody giving a damn but I suppose that everyone was entitled to their own beliefs, no matter how they offended the rest of society. The men in that department were no real loss by my standards, the women though, coming out of feral instincts and the likes, were completely beyond me. How could something that had a drive to screw built into it's mind suddenly decide to ignore those demands? I'd tried before and found it better to just shut up and give in. To each their own I suppose.

Silent Hills

Nobody was ever supposed to trust a rouge, even if all they tried to do was save people. This would be my curse in life, a disgusting little lot where everyone I'd saved would glare at me as if saying "If it's coming from you, death would have been welcomed"