Eternal Light


In the great open plains of Texas a house was built called Lux Aeterna - Eternal Light in Latin. This specific house was built as an experiment in the supernatural. This house could defy the laws of convention, physics, and even reality. The walls could shift, rooms that never existed could suddenly appear, spectral images of people could lurk around, and the house could see all that went on within it at all times. The builders of this house were scientist and physicists of great caliber. They worked on the inner workings of the house. The others brought in on this house project were government construction workers and independent contractors.
The scientists were heavily funded and had the ultimate power over the contractors. The house was built to all of the specifications the scientists demanded, and they stayed in the game by adding little bits of experimental science were it was needed. A few new scientific theories were tried out, and most proved to be successful. Many months went by in the construction of the house and slightly less than $30 million dollars went into the project. It was finally completed in mid August. Once the house was completed and the challenges were set a contest was opened up to any who could pay the one million dollar entry fee by a certain date. The dates ran from September 1st to December 1st.
This competition wasn't going to be an easy one. There were a series of challenges that were designed to test the character of the person or persons involved. The participants were told that the way to win the competition was to be the first one to unlock all of the houses puzzles, but the truth lay hidden under that veil of lies.
The house marked those who were to enter as living or dying by the way they lived their lives up to that point. The entire purpose of the competition was for the contestants to earn their own redemption. By the time the tasks were completed the ones who were worthy enough were able to leave with a greatly improved life and the unworthy were to die within those walls.
By the time the deadline hit ten people had entered this once in a lifetime competition and were prepared to take on the mysteries of the Lux Aeterna. Seven men and three women between the ages of twenty and forty from varying races and backgrounds had bought their way into the competition and were preparing for the competition to begin the next month at the start of the new year. The government decided to put cameras into the house so they could monitor the contestants and their trials, but also so they could see how efficiently the scientists work actually was. They were not planning on putting this on television, or even letting anyone without proper clearance view the events. It was a low profile government experiment with just as many chances of going wrong as it did going right.
No one exactly knew why the President of the United States had ordered for this type of experiment to be conducted. Some would have said it was to test the might of the governments scientists. Others would have said it was to create some sort of weapon to use against the terrorists, disabling them for good perhaps. The rest would probably say it was because he did in fact have a kid side and he wanted to see some really screwed up shit go down.