Chapter Two

It was the beginning of January, during the first week of the new year, and the competition of Lux Aeterna was just around the corner. Monday the 8th was the official start of Lux Aeterna and the final preparations were being finished up.
The contestants were told to arrive at D/FW airport by no later than 4 p.m. on Sunday the 7th. One by one the contestants arrived, the first showing up at about 11 a.m., and the tenth and final one showing up at just after 2:35 p.m. They were told just to wait at the terminal that they arrived in until an announcement was made at 4 o'clock that afternoon.
At exactly 4:10 the announcement was finally made. A gruff and heavy voice came over the speaker system to say, "Attention travelers. All those participating in the Lux Aeterna are to report to Terminal E at precisely 4:30. Make your way to the glass sliding doors leading out to the parking garage and wait for the driver to pick you up. Thank you and have a great day." After a short bit of silence the voice on the speaker system came back and said, "If you don't know what glass doors I am referring to, then show up at the main baggage claim for the same terminal. Don't worry, we will come and find you at that point if it is necessary." The voice died away and the airport began to move again.