The Fairies of War

Running across the leaden field,

At the sound of the war machine,

The pixies meekly yield,

With bloodcurdling screams,

Watching as they feebly fell,

Their magical land turned to hell,

Loosing their sprightly frill,

Now they're easy to kill,

Invaders watch the pixies run,

As their leaders wage the war just for fun,

They are all just liars,

Content with just watching their fire,

Its flames get higher and higher,

Soon the beseeched will be forever done,

All the leaders do is deceive,

Waging the war just for power,

Under them no one breathes,

Diseased from blood showers,

Endless strife some try to resolve,

But in the acid they dissolve,

They die with the others,

In the fire smothered,

Thinking they have something to gain,

The leaders laugh at the immortal pain,

Knowing only hatred,

In the venom they make them tread,

Waiting for them to become dead,

Laughing as they inflict the lethal pain!

Pain, agony, misery,

On the bloody body,

Blood flowing from its lips,

Drowning in river Styx,

Ravage toxic disease,

Spiking with wands of steel,

Deadly bloody fairies,

The crimson death they deal!