Ode to a Crimson Rose

Amazing beauty - quiet, tender, and soft

Blushing scarlet with silent, virgin passion

Your luscious scent sets my heart aloft

How can it be in this docile fashion

That you set my soul to fire oh so oft?

Tell me, simple flower, how it can be

That you incite such burning desire

From the deepest depths of me

Is it your blushing petal that pulls me from the mire

Of my strongest misery?

You stand out among the rest

Without trying you glow among your kind

Your swirling blossom glowing softly as the best

Do your seeding cousins mind

That you, to me, are most gracious blest?

Oh, why can I not be like you?

Born to wear my fiery passions as a broach

Not from the castle of my heart to shoo

Away those who lovingly and with care approach

Not from the castle of my heart to shoo

She who incites my passions as you do

She who tempts my desire more than you