The Sword With No Blade

A sword with no blade cannot cause you to bleed

A mind with no thought can never lead

A snake with no fangs cannot bite

A tongue with no knowledge can never speak right

A commander with no army can't go to fight

The God without worshippers shall cease to exist

The Devil without Malice shall scarcely be missed

The angel without wings cannot fly

The demon without deceit shall surely die

The Man without experience shall ever ask, "Why?"

A soul without faith can know only pain

A being without hope wanders endlessly in the rain

A world without people is barren indeed

But more barren are the people of the world in need

And more barren are the people ignoring the need

All of these words without meaning would be

Just words on paper; some fool's fancy

But these words have a meaning, if you can see

Their meaning is simple and easy to me:

Use what you're given to be what you should be

All that we have makes Us you, she, and me

All of Us, with no part left out

Is what makes us a people who can happily shout,

"I am all me, each and every part!

I am me, with all of my heart."