A Fairy Tale

Deep in the shadows of moon light

The fairy maid crouched in fright

Heart pounding shaking with fear

For the dark Goblin was so near

With red glowing eyes flashing

And ragged teeth gnashing

His goal to make her his slave

Making him to rant and rave

Her only hope was the elf Dean

And for him to come on the scene

To save and help her out of strife

Maybe one day make her his wife

Dean was the Elf she adored

With the Goblin he often warred

To be rid of him in the fiery font

And save her from a fate she did not want

Hard was the life she had

Mother gone so was her dad

Her Magic wand broken

No magical words could be spoken

To protect her from the Goblin evil

Who wanted to bend her to his will

As the heavens burned with cold starfire

The fairy girl Pamann's fate looked dire

Slobbering , snarling, all evil green

Warts and filthy claws totally obscene

The Goblin was sure he had his wish

Making for him a very tasty dish

So close now only a hands breath away

Pamann screamed and started to sway

The Goblin was now in her sight

She was nearly fainting from fright

Magical sword in hand and a brave yell

Dean leaped sending the Goblin to hell.

Gathering Pamann in his strong arm

Whispering that no one would ever harm

His true love forever for life

Dean and Pamann fairy Husband and wife

Pale moonlight glowing until midnight

Faery friends all together in magical flight

Safe now and dancing with glee

With the Evil Goblin gone they were free.

Written by

Graham Johnson