Remembrance of Jubilee


I rise to the sound of angry waves and weeping skies

As my body has become one with the shore

Buried to my neck

The joy

The peace

The love

Things we shared her and I

Vanished in the moment survival became my only mission

Crawling away from her, she beckons

Only to see me retreat away in agony

A love-hate relationship I once shared with another

As the sand becomes ground

I look back as the last crash falls behind the horizon

And reflect on sandy footsteps following me

Like children running in silly games

Or like crimson roses left on sullen graves

Had a piece of me fallen on that trashing shore

Or was I merely born again?

Either way, with a gesture of thanks

A quick shivering bow

I descend into the safe purgatory this world has to offer

I'm just another bird flown from the nest