Devil's Own
by DaiKen



Elizabeth was mumbling under her breath. She was very, very angry with her soon to be ex-friend had been Clarissa's non-too bright idea to sneak out the Stenson's ball and to go into the garden maze. Elizabeth looked around .She was definitely lost." Stupid maze. How am I suppose to bloody get out?" she cried out in near panic. She tried to calm herself down but wasn't all successful.

To add to her growing hysteria, she had the feeling that someone was following her. Chills ran down her spine, as they have been for the past eight weeks." Who's there? Look, this is really not funny. When I find out who you are, I swear, I shall tell my father, the Earl Doniut and have you whipped!"She practically screamed. She turned another corner and bumped into something that was as hard as rock. She started to fall but two strong arms grabbed her. She started to screamed but stopped when the arms let go and she fell.

Elizabeth looked up and her heart stopped beating then continued again, She sighed."Adam.I mean Earl Lasher.I didn't see you."She said as she got up. The earl had an amused look on his pale face. Elizabeth grimaced inside and hoped that the earl's light violet eyes did no catch the slight tear in her dress. His raven colored hair, the color of the night, gleamed and she wondered how it would feel to touch it. As if he had heard her, he ran his fingers through his hair, then pushed it behind him where it fell to his waist. She blushed. He looked at her in concern." Are you all right, Lady Ostrange? You looked flushed."He asked.

She blushed even more and when he placed his hand on her forehead, she nearly swooned. She quickly moved away." My you but I'm alright."She cried as she backed away. She could still feel his touch. She couldn't believe that Earl Lasher, The Earl of the Season, the hit of the ton was talking to her and had just touched her.'Clarissa is going to be so jealous'she mumbled under her breath.

"What?"The earl asked. She blinked then shook her head." "she said. He raised a thin elegant brow then smiling said," Do you know the way about in this maze, my lady? For it seems that I am lost." Elizabeth blinked."Um...I'm lost too. Sorry." She said. He smiled."Well, then, I guess we'll to have to look for the exist together." She almost collapsed when he said that.

Elizabeth gave an inward groan. It seemed that they've been in the maze for hours. All of the sudden, she tripped. The earl caught her but seemed to trip himself and they both fell with him on top of her. She started to scream but lost her breath when his body fell on hers. She looked up at him and saw that he was looking at her rather strangely." My Lord?" She asked breathlessly. He bent his head and kissed cheek. She sighed as he moved lower." Elizabeth."

Se heard and felt his soft murmur against her breast right before she felt air on her breast. She gasped and tried to push him away but he leaned into her even more. She moaned and he licked her nipple then started to suckle her. She pushed his head into his bosom as pleasure washed over her. She jerked when she felt his teeth on her but when he continued to suckle her; she moved closer into the kiss. Then he bit her and she was torn between acute and extreme pleasure.

Devill got up and looked down at the girl. She was indeed beautiful. He rearranged her dress, noticing her dress and laid her nicely against a column. He licked a line of blood from the corner of his lips as he walked away from the pale blond haired girl, now lying dead in the maze.

Prolouge 2


Devill gazed impassively at his soon-to-be victim. She was no beauty but he didn't feel like hunting tonight. He projected himself into her dreams.


Gloria was in ,she got a new car and now, the hottest, most gorgeous guy in the school just asked her out. Timothy was the most popular boy in the school. She couldn't wait to tell her ,it was night and she was in a drive-in in Timothy's Lincoln. She sighed and leaned into his arm. Timothy turned to her and slowly bent his head to kiss her. She sighed again as his lips closed over hers.

It got darker and his hands tightened around her. Gloria ran her fingers through his collar length blond hair as he slowly rained kisses down her throat. She felt a nip at the base of her throat. Not too hard but sharp nevertheless."Tim?"she asked softly. He didn't respond but kept nipping. Suddenly he bit her and she shrieked in pain.

"Tim!Ouch,that hurt. Stop it." she cried out. He laughed and pinned her to the seat. He looked at her and right before her eyes, he changed. His blond hair turned into waist length black hair and his baby blue eyes changed into an extremely light violet color. She shrieked once more as he brought his fanged mouth down towards her neck.


Devill once more looked at the girl. Now dead, she had a pale beauty to her. She looked at peace in her now eternal slumber. In the blink of an eye, he was gone.



Devill felt restless. It's been days since he last fed. He was getting irritated. The only "lady" that had interested him had died two nights past. He kicked at a rock and sent it flying. He rounded a corner and got knocked down.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Pardon me. Sorry." He looked up and saw the lady's sister, Honoria. He got up as she kept apologizing. "Oh, Lord Devill, I'm so sorry. I-" she stopped when he raised his hand.

"Enough! Apology accepted," he said. He sighed and continued on his way with her looking at him.


Honoria gazed at Devill's back longingly and continued home. She sighed. She knew that he had been interested in Jessica and was grieving. She wished she could comfort him.


Devill glared down at his glass of sherry. He despised the stuff, thought it was awful and bitter. He was drinking it-actually, holding it-to satisfy his "friends". They would become annoyingly concerned whenever he failed to get roaringly drunk. He thought of them as annoying pests but knew that if he wanted to move around in the right circles and meet the right people he would have to hang out with the immature little rich boys. It was easy enough to be accepted. He was rich and had claim to an old family name. He smiled at that and sipped some of the bitter fluid.

A hand fell on his shoulder and he winced when it squeezed. He turned his glare at his friend, his only REAL friend. The only one in this stupid bar that was actually older than he. He yanked the hand off his shoulder and nodded at him.

"Anthony." he said, contimplating his cup. The blonde laughed and sat down next to out his six-foot-four-inch length, he called the bartender over and ordered himself a sherry. He then turned to Devill and grinned at his annoyed expression.

"Why so happy, buddy?" he asked as he followed a blonde girl with his light blue eyes. He recieved a glare and grinned some more. "I heard about "Lady" Jessica Ashton's death," he continued. His drink arrived.

"Stupid girl drowned herself," Devill muttered angrily. Anthony took his eyes away from the half dressed blonde and glanced at his friend from beneath his long bangs.

"At least the world is rid of one more annoying brat. All she could think about was herself. I know the only reason you picked her was because she was pretty, but, still, she had nothing in her head but fluff." Devill shrugged.

"I don't choose them for conversation." he said, lifting the glass up to his mouth once more.

"Whatever." Anthony said, sat in comfortable silence for awhile."What did you think of her sister?" he suddenly raised a brow and said,

"Who's sister?"

"Jessica' name is Honoria,very old her?" he asked.

"Yeah,I know her. I bumped into her a couple of days ago. What about her?"

" She's nice."

Devill looked at him with a raised brow."And?" he said.

"She's smart too."

"You're interested in her? Why? She's not at all particularly pretty and she's a child. Why dally with children when you can have a real woman?"

Anthony shrugged." In a couple of more years,she'll be old enough. I can afford the wait. But in the mean time, I want to stay close to her. Preserve her innocence. Get to know her." he said finishing his sherry. Devill shook his head and laughed.

" Lusting and thirsting for an innocent." He got up leaving his sherry half drunk. Anthony got up as well.

" Where are you going now?" he asked dropping two twenties on the bar next to their glasses. Devill put his money down as well and shrugged.

"Home,I guess." he said. They left the bar and Anthony turned to him.

" Why don't you come with me? " he said.

" And where are you going?" Devill asked as he followed him. Anthony grinned.

"To pay my respects to the Ashtons. Losing your heir and beloved sister is a traumatic experience. I want them to know that I'm here for them."

"Especially Honoria?"

"Well she is part of the family. Of course I'll be there for her too." Devill shook his head and grinned as Anthony continued to smile.


It was raining. In fact it was pouring. Honoria sighed and looked out the window. She was thinking about Devill Deamien. He had been coming over every Wednesday with her friend. Anthony, she thought his name was. She wondered if Devill would stay for dinner tonight. Him and his friend were fast becoming family friends. She looked down at her plain blue tee and black shorts and sighed. He would never look at her the way she wanted him to if she kept dressing like that.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a movement in the squinted and saw nothing. She shrugged and went back to thinking about Devill. Just then, something hit her window hard. She screamed and fell out of her chair.

"What the fuck!" she exclaimed. The lights went out and she thought she heard howling. "What's going on?" she asked out loud, more than a little frightened. Something hard hit her window again. Screaming she tried to open her door but, when she opened it, it just slammed shut again. Her gray eyes widened as she became truly terrified.

Something hit her window again and shards of broken glass showered the room. She closed her eyes and clenched her trembling hands into , she felt a light touch on her right shoulder. She reared up and swung but she didn't connect with anything. She opened her eyes and turned but saw , something hit her back and she screamed. She turned around slowly,then screamed again. Louder this time.


Devill and Anthony were on their way to the Ashton's four story house when they heard a girl's scream. Then another. They looked around the eerily quiet neighborhod and saw that one of the Ashton's windows was broken. In a flash they were in the house. All they could hear were the went up the stairs prepared for anything, their guns out. They opened a bedroom door and their eyes widened. Mr. and Mrs. Ashton laid dead, torn apart, side by side. They made a horribly picturestic view of brutal death. Anthony turned to Devill and said urgently,


They burst through her bedroom door. Anthony clenched his hands in anger and both he and Devill grew fangs. Their eyes narrowed and glowed. In front of them was one of the worst things ever been made available to the eye. Honoria's room was a mess and she was being brutally used by a monstrous fiend from hell. It had blue skin and red eyes. Six of them. It's talon like claws dug into her flesh causing deep wounds. Her screams had by now died down into body wrenching sobs and whimpers.

The demon raised two of its eyes and then went back to its ugly task. Honoria's head rolled to the side and she closed her eyes. Devill ripped the evil thing off her and threw it at a wall. It screamed and as soon as it made contact with the wall became jellylike. Devill frowned then turned to where Anthony was trying to comfort Honoria.

The girl was trying to get away from Anthony but his grip was strong. She started to claw at him and he pulled away with a hiss when she sank her nails into his left cheek. Blood ran down his cheek and then the wound healed itself. Her eyes widened.

"What are you?" she screamed hysterically. Devill took a step towards her but she backed away and screamed. He stopped. She looked like as if she was going to jump off a cliff. He was sure his heart would be beating in sympathy for her if his heart could still beat or even was where it should made his voice as gentle as he could.

"We're , he," indicating Anthony,"is also half dragon but that's besides the point." She went still. He couldn't hear her heart beat. His eyes narrowed. Anthony took a step closer to her.

"Honoria? Are you okay?" he asked concern plain on his face. "We're not really bad. In fact,we only kill to feed,not we always give the body to wild animals so nothing is wasted." he continued. She shook her head and screamed soundlessly.

"What's wrong with you girl?He just told you we were not bad." Devill snapped. Anthony glared at him.

" Idoit. She's just been raped." She finally found her voice and screamed. The two males flinched.

"Stupid bitch!" They heard behind them. They turned and saw the demon that they had destroyed. Devill checked the wall and saw that the jellylike thing was indeed gone. The demon grinned. There was no way to describe that grin. The only thing that could be said about t would be that it was horrendously grotest.

"You're probably wondering why I'm not dead," the demon started." Well,I can't die until she," pointing to Honoria," dies. So I'm immortal until that happens. So stay out of this incubi and let me do my business."

The two vampires looked at each other then at the grotest demon. Devill nodded and then took a step towards the demon.

"Well,if she has to die at least we should be the ones to do it. We are her friends." he said calmly. Honoria shrieked as Anthony approached her. The demon frowned.

" You can't do thar. I'm suppose to kill her."

"What does it matter who kills her? She'll be dead either way." Devil said reasonably.

"That's not... get out of my way!"

The demon tried to get past him but to no avail. Meanwhile, Anthony had Honoria cornered. He smiled grimly and extended his fangs." I'm sorry my dear. I truly am." he said with regret. She screamed as his fangs slipped into the tender flesh of her throat. Then she sighed. He releaased her and looked down at her motionless body. Then he kissed her on the lips and let hr limp body fall to the floor.

The demon shrieked and imploded. Devill and Anthony looked at each other again. Anthony then picked Honoria up and held her close to him. Suddenly, the electricity went out and came back again. Both men were looking down at Honoria when her eyelids fluttered. Soon they opened and she gasped as if in pain and closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she saw Anthony and Devill. Her eyes widened.

"What...?"she began. Devill smiled grimly and said,

" Welcome to our world, my to the undead."

the End