Title: Forbbiden

Authoress: Kyo-nezumi

Story Type: Original/Slash

Chapter(s): 1/?

Warning(s): Rape, Pedophilia, Slash/Yaoi, Child Abuse, Profanity

Rating: NC17

Summery: Takarai, Daisuke's life his not perfect abused by his stepfather and his mother oblivious now he's in love with his Lit. Teacher Himura, Satori. In his words. "FUCK!" this is his life.

Chapter 1:

Takarai, Daisuke woke up and turned in his bed slowly his innocent emerald eyes blinked twice and he yawned rubbing his eyes. 7:15 he blinked again.

"Oh, shit I'll be late if I don't hurry." the brunette groaned. He hopped out of bed and stood 5'5. He hated his height. He went to his drawer and took out his black school shirt and his pants out of his closet. He quickly grabbed his towel and wash rag while trying to get undressed he got into the tub and turned on the shower head wincing as the warm water touched his bruised back and arms. He slowly soaped up his skin where the bruises where located he sighed as he turned the water on thanking the higher ups that he could walk and that his dear old step-father was too tired form his business trip to Hokkaido, to use him like he so loved to do.

Thank god, summer is finally over. He whispered to himself wiping the tears in his eyes. No use crying now. He quickly got dress and brought his school stuff with him down stairs and he fixed him self a quick meal eggs and beacon. He washed the dishes and was about to leave.

"Good morning Daisuke." He stiffened as he heard his stepfather Heshima, Kousuke behind him the older man who as about 6'1 with short black hair and beautiful yet frightening blue eyes. The older man wrapped his arms around his slim waist, being sure to brush his erected manhood on the brunette's ass. Daisuke bit his lower lip to keep from pulling out of the unwanted embrace.

"I need to go to school." He said moving away and taking up his bag and slung it over his shoulder.

"That's right Dai-Dai." He's grip subconsciously tightened around the bag handle in his anger he despised that name with an unearthly passion.

He turned to leave glad that he got breakfast he didn't really care for school breakfast.

"Is that any way to say good bye didn't I teach you manners."

Fuck you.

He wanted to say but though it best for his health and his mother's sanity. "Gomen nasai, Kousuke-sama." He lent over on his tiptoes and placed a small kiss on Heshima's lips, but the older man pulled him closer pushing his tongue within his unwilling mouth with passion, lust and want. He could feel his own manhood harden as the friction between them finally getting to be too much for him to ignore and he felt a sudden urge to throw up sicken with himself. They only parted ways when Heshima felt the need to breathe.

"Good you're learning bye Dai-Dai." He gave him as chased kiss on the lips.

"Arigatou Kousuke-sama," Heshima smiled and gave him as light pat on the bum.

"Be off now don't need to be late the first day back do you."

Daisuke left as quickly as he could not want to be in the same room as the sick asshole plus he would be late for school.

"Two years more years and I can be free." he whispered to himself as he rode of on his bike his car was in the shop now. The only good thing about Heshima was that he was loaded being the owner and CEO of one of the biggest companies in Japan. Which meant he didn't have to worry about money even though he refused to let him buy him a good car? That is how he ended up with his mother old rundown car that needed constant repair and he only fixed it when he saved enough money from his summer job to do so. Alternatively, if his mother forced money on him and he couldn't refuse her he cared for her to much and hated the disappointed look on her face when he said no to her. When she was sober, enough to care that is.

He parked his bike he was may be about five minutes late if he was lucky he won't bump into that evil vice-principal who seemed to have out fro him, actually he was pretty sure it was because of how he beat up his son Ken. He ran to the main office to get his schedule.

"Hello, Harada-san," he said smiling hoping it was truthful enough.

"Daisuke, how are you?" turning her back on him looking through files.

"Fine, you?" he replied politely.


She gave him his schedule and smiled he bowed and left.

School so far have been well school, annoying classmates, annoying teachers, you know the usual.

"Oi Daisuke!" the brown haired boy turned around to see them. The bane of his high school existence. The vice-principal's son Ken and his two cronies Tsume and Spike.

Why me.

Ignoring themhe continued walking to his class which as on the other side of the building and he could be late if he confronts those idiots.

"What's the matter Takarai," he was 6' 2 with bleach blond hair and black tips and blue eyes.

"Ya, missed us didn't you?" one of his lap dogs said Spike to be more accurate. He had dark hair and dark eyes he was the real muscle of the group. Tsume grabbed his arm and he winced as his bruised body was pushed into the wall. Tsume was the wild one with hair that was now green and he had red contacts.

"Now, Tsume be nice." Spike said smirking and then Ken took over. He caressed Daisuke's cheek.

"So pretty right boys." The idiots agreed.

"It's a real shame we have to mess such a pretty face up." his voice got husky and he pushed his knee up to the brunette's groin. "Unless, you changed your mind about this." he slipped his hand down and rubbed Daisuke manhood.

Daisuke glared.

"Fuck You." he spat right in Ken's face and closed his eyes waiting for the impact.

However, none came.

He opened his eyes to see Ken on the floor and Spike and Tsume cowering. He blinked confused, he slid to the floor his bodly suddenly weak.

"Are you alright?" A deep sexy voice said in to his left ear he turned to meet the most exotic grey eyes. His breathe cut off and he no longer had a voice so he nodded. The man helped him up and Daisuke came to his senses.

"Arigatou." his voice cracked up. The emerald-eyed boy finally got a good look at his savior. He was tall than he with long black hair that he had tied into a ponytail. He was quite pale but in a sexy way.

Daisuke looked to the ground and blushed, his long bangs covering his face.

"You're welcome... what's your name?" Daisuke blushed even harder for some reason.

"I'm Takarai, Daisuke." The ebony haired man smiled showing his pearly white teeth.

"I'm the new Lit. Teacher Himura, Satori." Daisuke gasped he was a teacher.

Come to think of it, don't I have that class?

"Class, I'm going to be late to class oh shit!" Satori chuckled. "Don't worry what's you next class?"

"I- ah." He pulled out his schedule out of his pocket. Daisuke quickly scanned it. "You," For some reason that brighten his day.

"Are you sure you don't want to go to the nurses first."

"I got off easy this time I'm fine."

"We're late, really late." Satori said as checked his watch. Daisuke looked around finally remembering the reason he was into this mess in the first place.

They weren't any were in sight.

He let out a sigh. "Himura-san you do know that was the vice- principal son and his friends." he really didn't need any one to lose their job because of him.

"Don't worry about it" He just gave Satori another smile and the two went to class the young man could hardly take his eyes off his teacher wondering what he looked like without that suit. His thoughts didn't change at all even during class. However, one thing was for sure.

This going to be one interesting year.