Chapter2 is wrrtten hasbeen written for a while but,yousee I had it wrtten down and I lost the folder (I actually cried about that all that hard work and 32 full written pages) So I was in stump about that I'm sorry please give me a about two week then I'll start posting again . When I finish the editing and adddingtwo filler chapter before the real chapter two so when I do post it will be three or two chapter I'm sorryfor the inc onvinence.

I'm also more focused on Not So Wanted Marriage myother original fic which is hre and also on Adultfanfiction. netwhich is farther on updates than herer athe moment.

Forbidden is going to be written in two parts, One with Daisuke in school and Two on the summer before his 17th birthday I don't know I'll post it all in one story or make part two a sequel.