Aberrant Love

I watch those two together and sigh in delight

How beautiful it seems to watch young love

Passionate kisses are exchanged with a few warm embraces

Blue eyes gaze into pretty indigo orbs

He touches the younger boy's face

Silky fingers sliding down to feel the soft skin of his neck

How sinful it must be to be in love with him

I admire the beauty of it all

Remembering when we were once that way

It was a forbidden fruit I enjoyed tasting

The young boy cries as his lover begins to die

He was always willing to give up his life for his lover

"Don't cry," the older boy whispers

They share a kiss basking in their aberrant love

The sun is setting and I feel a sort of closing

Will they be okay?

Its gorgeous how they look together

I marvel at the devotion in which they have for each other