By Philip N. Atkinson

"If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them" -Leviticus 20:13

Many people say that America is great because of its emphasis on freedom. This is the reason why I hate America. As a Christian country America should have the power to enforce Christian morality on its citizens. However, because of freedom there is limited power to do so. Too much freedom is the reason why there are so many homosexuals running around today. In countries where there is limited freedom, those in power have the ability to punish homosexuals for their own savagery. America today is a country without morality because freedom breaks down morality.

There can never be too much freedom. If there were too much freedom, then anyone would have the freedom to do anything, such as going around killing other people. Thus freedom needs to be restricted. There can never be too much freedom. When the French criticized the Americans, why did one restaurant in America change its french fries into "liberty fries" when liberty or freedom is what destroys America?

Another example of how freedom has gone out of control is with the case of Internet pornography. In my days, most people have sex after they got married. That was the proper Christian way. Today, however, the average age boys and girls lose their virginity is 15. Two in three girls (and one in three boys) engage in underage sex. Why is this? How have sexual standards been lowered so significantly? Could it be because of the proliferation of pornography both on the Internet and through mainstream media channels like television and music? Why are pornographers allowed to peddle their sick, perverted junk to people like this? Because of freedom. That is the excuse the pornographers give everytime they pollute the web with homosexual porn-all available with a few quick keystrokes from any major search engine. Every day I hear about homosexuals trying to gain acceptance and women trying to pump their feminist garbage everywhere. The norms and standards that once held together this great Christian country are being slowly eaten away. Because of freedom.

Today America is filled with devil-worshippers. People in their masses listen to music inspired by the devil, kids read novels that promote witchcraft, teenagers masturbate to homosexual porn, and parents try to raise little girls to become breadwinners or aggressive businesspeople. Young women are seen kissing each other in universities, and just about everyone there tolerates this perversion. There is little anyone can do to prevent this decay of civilization. Society has grown senile because of freedom. The only thing left now is to hope that the next generation of politicians have the Christian wisdom to see how freedom turns America into a nation of sinners. The battle against the homosexuals, the feminists, and the liberals will not be won until the sin of homosexuality is banned and women understand their proper roles in society.

Homosexuals should not have freedom. Many people think that people should have freedom to do things, but different things have different consequences, different degrees of seriousness. While buying a t-shirt is simple and harmless, sex is completely different. Sex is sacred, a union between (what should be) a man and a woman, a moment when their bodies unite to become one. In America, sex is commoditized until all its significance is diluted into nothing. In the American commercialized world, sex is just another commodity, to be sold like hamburgers to customers. Pornography floods the television and the Internet. Any attempt by good hardworking religious groups to contain this river of pornography is immediately prevented because of freedom. Too much freedom has these problems. Too much freedom has the consequence of allowing homosexuality to run out of control. Homosexuals should not have the freedom to be homosexuals. Just as a father protects his child from his choice to, say, eat a spider, so too the relationship between God and the people is like a father-and-son relationship. Just as a father is more knowledgeable than the son, so too God is more knowledgeable than the people, and so God's Word should be forced onto the people-and especially homosexuals-so that they can be protected from their own digusting savagery.

I hate America because America is a homosexual nation.