The sum of one's life

I went walking in those dark woods that night. My soul witness a deadly fright. The shadow of blue and green seem like a beacon in the gleam. I saw the world open a door. And there stood a whore. Waiting to speak as I came and with wine in a mane. From the distance she shouted, what is your name. And I reply I didn't know. And the whore closed the door.

So I went walking in those dark woods again another hour or so. When I came across a shadow some might call a soul. The figure was twisted and scares. The eyes a distance glare. The mouth was ready to speak. But there were no words without a heartbeat. The shadow walked away. Cause without words it's could not stay. To tell me what I needed to know. In those dark woods that was so very cold.

I started walking just a bit more. But only to stop for the score. I up to the sky, and the stars with the most evilest eyes started to hide. I wonder at this sight. Than sudden death came into sight. It's said, come with me for the answers you seek. But be not slow to drag your feet. There are so much you to learn. For high power spoke and this you earned.

Dear reader you must understand, all this is new to me for I'm just a man. Dreaming or sleepwalking I just can not say. But I went with sudden death any way. For questions and answers that fills the soul, or for the blank knowledge to unfold. So through these poems alike, one maybe able to find his life.

By Ronald Campbell.